Stuck In Niantic Review

Recently I submitted two waypoints in my local park I upgraded one and it went through in a matter of hours. The other however got picked up by niantic employee voting and has been stuck there for nearly a week. I can’t upgrade it to be pushed to priority and I have heard it usually takes forever for employees to review. Is there any way to withdraw and resubmit with my upgrade? I understand that usually people complain for much longer wait times than a mere week but I just wonder why they even bother locking it in voting if it isn’t going to be reviewed.

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I’ve got a few like that. My most recent one was accepted today. I’ve even got nominations stuck in community voting. I submitted one again earlier today and it was accepted by the AI lol. Probably worth submitting again and see if the AI accepts it for you lol.

yeah if i could withdraw it like any normal one I would just resubmit because its stuck I dont feel like submitting the same thing and getting a ban or something dumb like that.

The last one of mine decided after going into internal review was decided March 25. It was taken March 14. That is way faster than the voting time for my area.

The last round of ones they took into internal review that have not been decided yet were taken April 17. I can wait.

Is less than a week a really long time? I mean, I just had one go to Niantic voting last week and was approved after a few days, but it was super straightforward. A week doesn’t feel that long to me.


You won’t get a ban for submitting an eligible waypoint more than once. It will just get duplicated eventually. Obviously not 15/20 times lol

Rejected by the community. Submitted again and accepted by AI. Now Niantics wants to review the other one I did themselves :man_shrugging:t2:

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It does to me. My nominations used to reach a decision within a day of going into voting. So anything longer than this definitely feels far too long. Considering currently my oldest nomination is from the beginning of March. Things have definitely slowed down since it was changed and I’m getting a feeling things that were submitted in March have hit some sort of brick wall.


This echos my experience too. The speed of reviews returning is sporadic, with many submissions from early March still in voting, with newer nominates being fast-tracked through.

The ones that have got through faster are mostly Cafe/Coffee house and traditional Fish & Chip outlets (based in England), which are now supported by the new AI.

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I wonder if folks living in more populous areas get faster community vote decisions because there are simply more people voting? I mean, I suspect I’m in an area with fewer wayfarers, in part because I only saw one showcase for the first two showcase rounds, and the current round is the first with three (and one is the first nomination I made). So I guess that could explain why some folks complain about long wait times in weeks, while more than a couple days seems excessive for others.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A week or two isn’t that long to wait, all things considered. And if it is being used to train the ML, perhaps it’s for the best because it will ensure higher quality POIs make it into the games immediately.

As for shorter wait times in high population areas, I live in a city of about 1.5 million people and my wait time without using upgrades is now over 5 months. The only movement I’ve had on any of my nominations this year were either due to upgrades or Niantic reviews.

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atleast its being voted on. Upgraded stuff seems to jus sit in queues now. Not even pulled into voting…

A day? I wouldn’t do anything for resubmitting because the queue is really random.


It used to be a day. Now I wait months. However just tonight I have had a flurry of notifications accepted by the AI. What’s interesting though is they were all in community voting and now “the team” decided to accept them. I think they are reading my posts :grin:

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I have three nominations in Niantic Voting, one is approaching one month having been with them. The other two are approaching 2 weeks.

Things seem to be slower these days, significantly. Previously my “Niantic voting” nominations would take no more than 2 days. Oh well.