Are welcome signs to different counties acceptable?

Saw these while exploring on google maps and was wondering if they could get accepted because they look pretty basic but it is for two different counties so the sign is obviously “better” than your basic welcome to a village/town/city sign. The nottinghamshire sign says robin hood county if you couldn’t understand it.

The artistic village/town ones can be, but these look like standard street signs. So not something special that I would go to admire. And I’m not socialising there, unless I’m wildlife. So I don’t see how they would qualify.


That probably explains why i haven’t seen any while reviewing, but i dont really know any other counties outside of the main East Midlands ones. :laughing: So i might of reviewed some without knowing. You probably could argue that they’re a little special as its welcome signs for counties.

I would have allowed it, when you live in a rural community, there are not many things that permanent that can be pokestops - I think we should allow these items especially when there is NO other stops in that area.

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I tend to approve these for communities without many roads leading to them. I feel they fall under “exploration.”

They must have pedestrian access, though, and that is questionable as many are just there for motorist traffic.


They’re on a bridge with footpaths on both sides

I like the ones that are decorative, handmade or have nice planters around them etc. Some of the village ones especially are quite cool. Not really the ones that are quite plain like these as they are more road signs than anything else.

I think actually going there might turn up more.
Hathern to south has quite a lot of wayspots maybe more to be found.
The village/hamlet of Zouch could do with some attention.
Instead of these 2 plain signs at the bridge over the Soar, there is more potential next to it. I don’t think there is anything particularly special about the bridge but there may be if you dig.

I suspect the dragon boat race club is not in a separate location but a visit to the boat club building will clarify. There is also a launch point there. There may be interesting things to find at the marina.
Along the canal there are things to find.

There may be a footpath sign linking the second footbridge from A6006. There may be something else at the Rose and Crown (which looks nice and is worth a visit :sunglasses:) and the weir and lock gates also have potential.
These are all so much better than a standard road sign.


Im going to visit zouch sometime and i’ve basically got it planned out with everything to submit. I just wanted to see if these were worth submitting. Theres also a old water mill that’s been turned into multiple flats that i’m hoping gets accepted.

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The mill looks good and nice proof it’s not a single home.:+1:

Yeah I wouldn’t bother with the signs.
Good Luck with the project.

PS I am having very quick good results from Emily with lots of variations on trails. I always make sure to write a good description of what to expect on any path so the interest in walking it is clear.

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I’ve had several of these “Welcome to” signs to towns and villages accepted as waypoints. They add to exploration of new people to the area and also give information on the town ( IF the nominator has added any hopefully ) , especially the ones showing the Towns Twinning Town in another European Country, or several countries. Good luck.


Yes I have had village and town ones that are quite distinctive and artistic and be small in number.

And your Evesham one is good. The county signs are very different.