Criteria Clarification - Abuse Location

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Recently in a conversation between players there was a debate, concerning the Wayspots whose location is within a military base.
Although the military base concerned simply has the accommodation of the soldiers of the gendarmerie and their families, the location of these buildings are in military land.
@NianticTintino indicated on May 16 (Military Bases) that the military base was not elligible, but that the Wayspots open to residents of the base became it!

Some in our conversation believe that this is unfair, that everyone should be able to have access to it, and since a person outside the base cannot cross the entrance gate, it becomes an abusive location that one or Several players can take advantage of whether in Ingress or Pokémon Go.

So I would like to know more about this.
Inside this area there are children’s games, statues, commemorative plates, potential Wayspots perfect to submit, but can they become despite the fact that a civilian cannot approach it?

What can you tell me about it? :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Here is an example of a place I am talking about:


Such a location is not considered abusive. It’s perfectly valid within the wayfarer guidelines.

If you’re referring to the criteria that says “Locations that are intentionally and strategically placed to provide advantage to a single player or collective group.”, that does not refer to situations like this.


Not every Wayspot has to be accessible to every explorer.


The locations you link to in Grenoble and Bourgoin-Jallieu don’t meet any access- or abuse- related rejection or removal criteria, as far as I can tell.


@hankwolfman , @cyndiepooh et @Xenopus Thank you for your answers!

In order not to recreate an additional conversation, I would like to know if, in your opinion, we can also apply your arguments, for requests regarding the addition of Wayspots in hospitals?

For example, a commemorative plaque or thank you to blood and organ donors, a fresco decorating the exterior of the building or decorating the interior of a waiting room, a bust, a model showing the entire recently built hospital,… full of possibilities that can be refused only by the simple fact that it is a hospital in France.

The French are quite stumbled, and I would like to make my comrades understand that this refusal is not appropriate.

Do you find it abusive and embarrassing for emergency services to add wayspots around hospitals?

The sick can’t play to escape from the hospital world for a moment?

Sorry if my messages are written strangely, I go through an online translator.

You can write in your native language if you like - the forum has some inbuilt translation options

Yes, items as you described in a hospital can be accepted if they arent going to block emergncy services. My local hospital has several waypoints, including sculptures forming water features inside a garden, and the victorian frontage of the building which is no longer in use as a main entrance and is not close to the ambulance section.


You are very welcome to post in French, this forum has built-in translation tools and there are enough speakers to answer you in the corresponding language :slight_smile:

To the point, no, as @frealafgb said above, the entire surface of a hospital isn’t automatically off-limits. There are however specific areas in them that meet rejection criteria (also remember hospitals usually have multiple floors). Two common issues you might find in hospitals are obstruction of emergency services and sometimes sensitive locations.
Things in a hospital are somewhat difficult nominations where people need to actively check where the emergency room is so you may get your lot of blanket rejects (also, if it is unclear, I wouldn’t blame someone for rejecting if it seemed close and they couldn’t confirm). But overall as said above there is absolutely zero problem with artwork, scientific exhibits and other eligible POI.

schools or facilities primarily focused for persons under 18 years of age) are ineligible

So i think playgrounds are the only things that have a special status

Is there a page where al special status for poi stand? Sometimes its very confusing the wayfarer accept criteria.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Playgrounds at schools do not have special status and cannot be accepted. Or ones at preschools or other facilities where the children are dropped off in other’s care.

There is nothing with special status that makes it eligible at an ineligible location.

playground is a child facilitie most of time till 12 or 14 year old, but they all get accepted and are most only waypoints here in town

And i dont mean on school ground

A playground isnt a place where a child is left by their parents as per a school

While a child is at a playground, they are still the parent or carer’s responsibility. At a school, they are the school’s responsibility. Thats why they are treated differently.


Oh now I see. The K-12 rejection is for where children are left NOT under their parents supervision. The playgrounds are eligible because it is a place that the whole family can play.

I do actually put that in most of my playground nominations: something about a place where the families of the community can come together and play.


I want to be sure you know that I really appreciate you asking about this. I have been doing this so long, I forget how it looks to newer Wayfarers. And I am sure that if you had this question, then others did, too. So keep bringing up stuff that doesn’t make sense to you!


Please let your community know that there are 2 Wayfarer Ambassadors who work at hospitals. My hospital has multiple wayspots and I will be adding more when our new building opens up. Now, my particular hospital doesn’t have an Emergency Department, so I don’t have to worry about that restriction. But I did put thought into which things I would nominate so that they would be accessible to coworkers, patients, and families while also not being “in the way.” Many of them are outside, but our buildings are small enough that in PGO they are reachable from inside the buildings.

One final thing is that the hospital itself rarely meets acceptance criteria. So you need to find stuff like plaques or gardens or statues that are eligible on the grounds of the hospital.


Thanks! Just like @seaprincesshnb say hospitals whitout emergency department ,hospitals have a good change if the have nice art or other things around the building, but most people see hospital and press ineligible.

Whe have here a neighboorhood communtiy building but is between a kidsschool so it never get accepted. Because school k12.
Red line is school district
Green line is shopping sqaure whit shops
Pink line is communtiy center.
Yellow cirkel school entrance
Community center entrance is ad shopping sqaure

Link what you can do there:

Translated from the link:

Drievliet-'t Zand neighborhood association with activities again. People can participate again and take advantage of the following courses and activities organized by the neighborhood association. Ballroom dance lessons – beginners and advanced (an extensive package from style to Latin American) Line dancing/single dancing Dansvrienden (a weekly dance afternoon in an informal atmosphere) Dance Fit (move to music) Pre Ballet (movement for children) Yoga and exercise for the elderly Seniors social (often together while enjoying a cup of coffee) Klaverjacks / Bridge and shaken Painting lessons / drawing lessons Guitar lessons and Slankelijn club Creative-manual labor Bingo evenings Clothing fair Ridderkerkse Noordzangers (social choir) Billiards (reservations in advance required) To participate in one of these activities, there is always the option for a free trial lesson. Dropping in for a chat or a cup of coffee is always possible in the De Fuik community center.

Do it have a change to get accepted? Do the restriction apply here or not?

oh i somehow missed you had tagged me on this. I think you should start a new topic on this in Nomination Support where people who may be more familiar with your part of the world can give better advice. also, it would be good to give the location - great if you can provide gps coordinates - so people can have a look around on the map.