The acceptance criteria concern

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Am I the only one who think that the acceptance criteria need to re look at. See screen shot below with the arrow. Not sure that appropriate place for a Waypoint

When it says that, it means in areas where personnel or visitors are allowed their phones and can safely walk about. It doesn’t mean sensitive areas within military bases. @trevoralanF is probably the best person to direct questions to regarding this.


This is one that cannot be legislated globally. Some countries consider every area of a military base as secret and off limits. Other countries consider the living areas to be less restricted. When there’s a whole community of families living, shopping, playing, etc on the less restricted areas of a military base, Niantic has agreed that those places can be eligible (if the country doesn’t overtly disallow it).

If the military itself ever has a problem with this policy, they will contact Niantic who will abide by the request to remove POI from bases.


There is criteria clarification for military bases here:

Almost all submissions I review that are at military bases are open to all that live and work there, and there is no restrictions on phones being used there. And yes, if a base has an issue with any Wayspots, they are more than welcome to report them to Niantic.