Denied my pokestop, appealed it, got it accepted but it never showed up :(

they wont put up my pokestop :frowning:

When you’re submitting a nomination, you’re not submitting a Pokéstop (despite what the game says), but rather a wayspot for Niantic’s Lightship database. Accepted wayspots have the potential to be used in Niantic games (which can take up to 48 hours to happen, normally), but are not guaranteed to be used in them. Usually this is the result of each game having proximity rules, and the new wayspot failing to fit in with the proximity rules for a certain game. I suggest you look up the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells in Pokémon Go to understand the rules that Pokémon Go uses.

If you want to provide the name and coordinates of the Wayspot, someone can show you why it’s not showing up.