Disappointment with stop

Interesting that Niantic refused my first suggestion, and without a plausible justification.
The coolest thing is that it accepts a lot of graffiti from people who use hack fly and have been at a high level for a long time. So let’s do as she wants, more and more pokes in dangerous areas so we can use flies. Anyone who plays this game honestly gets hit hard.

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Your rejection notice tells you why your submission was rejected. This should help you to improve your submission, if it’s eligible, or help you to select proposals which are acceptable. Not everything is acceptable, and not everything that is already on the map is acceptable either. Sometimes mistakes are made, eligibility requirements change, etc. You shouldn’t use existing Wayspots to determine what is an acceptable submission. Instead, use the guidelines that are given by Niantic. If you’re submitting a graffiti tag, you’ll need to show reviewers that it is in a safe location, it’s permanent, and that it meets at least one of the three requirements of socialization, exercise, and/or exploration.

If you disagree with the rejection, you’re free to appeal the decision or submit it again if you don’t want to use an appeal.

And if there really are unsafe Wayspots in your area, you can report them as such to have Niantic take a look and remove them if necessary.

I understand it’s disappointing to have a spot declined, but if you really believe it was a valid wayspot that was declined, appeal it or improve the nomination.


Welcome @Toytti
We all have had, and continue to get some of our nominations rejected. Wayfarer involves a lot of judgement calls so sometimes it will go with you sometimes it won’t.
But we all try to learn from that process and try to do better.
To help with that there is Nomination Support area where you can post your submissions that were rejected and ask for advice on improving them - this is from fellow Wayfinders. People are also happy to try some virtual tourism to help find more potential in the area. We might also be able to suggest why something was rejected.