Edit review counting towards total nominations reviewed

As I recall usually edits don’t count towards the total nominations reviewed. Has this changed? Do you experience the same?

It’s possible that your issue may be related to this:

Thanks. It could be the case, my rating dropped too.

@vOor please do add to that thread as it helps the Wayfarer Team to have examples to look into.

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Niantic Wayfarer says
“Note: Reviews of Wayspot Edits are not counted as Agreements at this time.”

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Oh my goodness, I didnt know that!!!

Is that why my rating got trashed on this challenge?!

I did like 650 odd reviews and a lot were edits. Vs a start point of only 4600, that would be enough to drop things I would imagine?

It’s said that for years. People have argued that it was not true.

Maybe Niantic thought it was true, but actually it was not - and now it sunk in to them that it wasn’t working as expected - and they “fixed” it to do what they’d wanted in the first place.

I dont understand why we just did a challenge based on collecting agreements to get rewards, on a challenge focussed on edits where it sounds like you cannot get an agreement?!

The individual awards were for number reviewed, not number agreements.

The community rewards were based on agreements. Maybe that’s why we didn’t hit the top tier? :person_shrugging:

Yes, thats what I’m thinking - people were commenting how we should have hit it easier than previously because edits are faster… and then we miss by miles

Anecdotally quite a number of people also posting its the first time they got top tier individual rewards too

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