Ratings making me sad - they have dropped because of the challenge

My ratings have always been great I’ve got 10,000 reviews and never below great. Then this wonderful challenge comes along. I only reviewed 550 because of the reload issues but during that time my rating went from great to good, back to great and now good.

It sucks and I’m feeling ‘depressed’ or ‘down’ Anyone know what we need to do to get the rating back up? I know others say their rating is fair or good and that’s fine but for some reason this bothers me. I wish I knew what I did wrong during this time.


I am feeling the same way, although only around 5k reviews here total. I did about 650 reviews for the challenge albeit I don’t know exactly how many because the site told me I was on 0 for most of the last day and the challenge ended before I got the number to show up.

Someone told me most of the duplicates didnt count because they had already been decided but we were given them to review anyway, so most of that was a waste of time and we get 0 agreements from it. So alot of those 650ish were also useless reviews with no chance of agreements.

Always been great untill this challenge, now Im only “good” and I hate it. I feel like I shouldn’t be reviewing anymore due to not being good enough. But I also wonder if something went wrong this last week and its not my fault?

I feel so discouraged too


I’m moving this to Bugs because enough people have reported this that i think its a problem with the system. We have reported it for them to look into, so id like them to see it here from y’all as well. They always want examples of problems. Anyone who experienced this is free to comment so they can see how widespread the problem is.

I also added some words to the title to make it more obvious what this is about.


Recently, with the challenge, my wayfarer rating went down to “bad”, and since then it seems that my wayspot nominations tak longer to be reviewed. Here is a screenshot of a nomination I uploaded way back on April and it’s still in queue.

Does my rating affect the time my nominations take to be reviewed? Thank you

Niantic WayfarerNiantic Wayfarer

Wayspot Submission for Antigua alberca califal

Córdoba AN




Ruinas arqueológicas de una alberca de la época califal


C. Mejorana, 3, Nte. Sierra, 14960 Córdoba, España

Información complementaria

Se trata de unas ruinas arqueológicas de interés histórico situadas en un parque.

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Welcome, i added your post to this topic about ratings dropping during the challenge. This issue will get more visibility from the team if we all discuss it in one place.

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@Elexor reported this here

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@damaha reported it here


@HoutaruLGR reported it here


@ElfFromSpace reported it here


@elmek38 reported this here


@mattiec741 reported this here


@mandrilli reported this here


Thanks @seaprincesshnb, hopefully we can find out what happened

Did a few local reviews and ranked up to good again.

So does your wayfarer rating affect the chance of your uploaded wayspot nominations to be reviewed? Or the time they take to be reviewed?

I don’t think so. But if it drops too far it stops your in game medals increasing.

Thanks for including me! My rating did just move back up to great today. Don’t know if it was agreements filtering in or not, my count has increased by a couple, but I’ve only reviewed a few pretty cut and dry nominations since, been using the skip button liberally if it’s possibly questionable.

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In the FAQ I found this:

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My rating also dropped to poor although i was skipping a lot with the review i was unsure about.

Mine went from Great to Fair. I shouldn’t be upset…but I am! Thought I’d sit down and get reviewing for a bit. Got asked if I was a robot a few times, thought nothing of it. Even brushed up on criteria as well as I could. I google map most nominations, answer to the best of my ability. A lot of the way you process each nomination can be very similar with the way you press thumbs up or down and number of people that a place can accommodate. What more do they expect from us?