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  • Description of the issue - I do not receive ANY email notifications from Wayfarer. I do get emails regarding responses to these forum items. So, any clue why I do not get an email about PokeStop submissions? Denials? or Acceptances?

I have gone into Google and verified all emails are associated with my current email addresses. This has been an issue since I joined. I just can not figure out why. I use iPhone and iPad, sometimes desktop computer.


Nomination updates are sent to the email connected to the log in provider at the time of submitting the nomination. Please check the relevant email account to locate the emails.

Edit: This may not work as intended incase you use Apple sign in method and have chosen not to share your email address with the app.


Yes, it’s highly recommended to not use Apple ID when logging into the apps and using Wayfarer, since Wayfarer only has 2 login options: Facebook or Google. It’s best to use Facebook or Google when logging into the apps before submitting anything to Wayfarer.


Well, I have changed that and made it into a Google email, let’s see if that works. Thank you so much for your advice…


i do have maybe something similar or a question in regard to email notifications…

using my email to do nominations within PoGo > works, no problem at all.
same email within the forum, but no notifications at all received, do i miss some setting to check?
most important question, using the chat function within wayfarer app, you need at first to provide your email. i guess it should be used for the niantic admins for feedback or not? whats the reason behind and is there any feedback from niantic reporting via chat at all?

thanks for help :wink:

Hi @ViViViVe! No, you do not receive any confirmation email or replies when using the help chat feature, so this part is normal.

Regarding this forum, are you asking about getting emails when you are replied to or tagged? I believe the default option is to email you when you’ve got a reply but been offline, so you would not “always” receive them. You can change this setting in Preferences > Emails > “Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics”. Please let us know if it still doesn’t work, or if you have trouble finding it, or if it was actually something else you were asking about!

@Xenopus , thank you very much.
regarding the chat, why do i need to have my email entered if there is no use at all? How do i know if my request have been worked on with decision yes/no?

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You need to come back to check the help chat window in your browser again. It is impractical and it sometimes gets deleted as your browser data gets deleted, and right now most of the abuse reporting options won’t give you a ticket number as a result of a bug so you can’t even follow up on them by making a new ticket. I also really don’t like this chat not sending emails through an email system but that’s what it is for now.

If you find the help chat option impractical, be aware that some of the help chat functions such as abuse reporting or removal requests can be taken care of through the forms linked at the top of this forum. However things such as location edits still have to be done through that interface, so it really depends what you want to do, feel free to expand on that and I can maybe give more pointed feedback on how to achieve that?

@ViViViVe they will respond via the chat whether they agree or disagree with your edit request, usually within a day or two.

hm, there was never an answer… after some time you will only have the staring support screen without everything else. But if it is 1-2 days i maybe do a request again…

thank you for now :slight_smile:

I have not received emails since the lightship migration. So it’s been years. I receive ingress damage reports, Pokemon go & Ingress events notifications, but I never receive the confirmation emails when I submit nominations or decisions are made on my nominations.

I’ve checked all the settings on google. I’ve had 3 or 4 good attempts at tech support for the issue. But eventually Niantic staff give up on trying to help me. It would be great if I could receive emails confirmations.

Please refer to this comment.

I went through all the settings last night in response to this current thread. I have google set to allow notifications.

I’ve checked junk mail, etc as well.

Looking into your issue right away. Will follow-up once I have information to share.

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You were exactly correct - I was signing into PokemonGo through my Apple ID, once I set up the new gmail account (as you suggested) and then logged out of my Pokemon Go game and logged back in with my new gmail account - it was all fixed. I am now receiving emails regarding all requests. Thank you!


Glad that we could assist you.