I don't receive emails today

Bug Reports should include the following and any additional information you feel is necessary to aid in the investigation of the bug.

  • Description of the issue
    Today I submitted one removal request, one photo upload and a title edit request.
    Both edit requests are showing on my contribution page but I don’t receive any “entry email”, not for the edits and not for the removal request.

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced

  • Device type, model, and operating system
    Smartphone, Android

  • Game & Game Version (if applicable)
    Wayfarer, submitted over pokemon go

Are you making sure to login with either your linked Facebook or Google account for PoGo? Since Wayfarer only uses Facebook and Google for login, you do have to use one of these options for logging into the apps to ensure you get Wayfarer emails. Using a different login option, such as the trainer’s club or Apple ID, may cause issues with receiving Wayfarer emails.

Yes, I’m sure. On 19.04. I got my last. Regulary the incoming email came a few hours later. I don’t do submissions while that time


I have sent a DM with some details. Could you please check that?

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