Estate Place Names

How do you feel about approving “estate” place names? Usually a developer’s name like “Chancellor Park” with a big, bold place sign at the area’s entrance – but within an existing suburb. Often becomes sort of known as a place – but not official and no postcode. I often see them as poke stops or gyms. Also such signs are at the front of seniors’ gated community developments. Guidance please…

I call these “neighborhood signs” and hate them. I don’t see any way they meet criteria. They are just advertising for the real estate imo, and I usually reject as “generic business.”

Many of us have asked for a clarification on these to be added to Criteria Clarification Collection but so far, no response.

[Edited to add that I will consider these if there is anything notable about them, like art or historical value. But normally, there is no reason they meet criteria.]


My understanding is that some can be eligible if they show something about the local area or are a bit more artistic than the usual Pine Valley Estate signs in a weird font.

My understanding is that many reviewers in the US accept these since Niantic are incapable of fixing their map.

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I tend to approve some, reject others. It’s difficult to make a blanket statement without seeing the candidate and nomination in question.

At this time, there is no published forward facing criteria on them, only to use your best judgement while reviewing.


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These signs like so much in Wayfarer are examples of things that need to be decided upon on a case by case basis. So it depends. And you will get different views.
Ordinary ones often do not meet criteria, they are not about encouraging exercise, they are ordinary and not worthy of making an effort to visit so not great in terms of exploration and they are rarely a place you would go to socialise with others.

There can be cases where the object is very distinctive with an unusual artistic design for example. And then you would be deciding on the basis of that artistic value.
They are not that common in the U.K. I have seen a few in review, not actually come across one that has been approved - I’m sure there will be some.

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These are welcome signs to villages so not a neighbourhood/estate sign but signs like these are ones I would usually only accept.

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We don’t have the luxury of a map for these, but I would question the safe pedestrian access based on the photos shared.

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I reject the majority of neighborhood signs, as they aren’t very unique. Now, if there is something that makes it more unique, such as a water fountain, sculpture/statue, other unique art, or even has a pergola/gazebo, I am more likely to approve them.

One of the last ones that I approved was had the name of the neighborhood carved on a large rock, along with a carving of mountains and trees into the rock that were also painted, so I find that to be some unique art.


They all have footpaths to get to them i just put it in the supporting photo. The cropwell butler sign has a footpath that ends just before it

Many thanks for your input everyone! Yes … your replies are pretty much why I raised this issue. … Players can come across some that have been included and think … wow … not so easy to get there on foot …