NeighborHood community signs

Hi all! What’s the current stance on these entrance signs?? Thanks !

If they are serving as a marker for a neighborhood that has historical significance, a lot of things to do, or a place known for some unique quality, they can be eligible. For generic suburbs, however, I usually consider them to be generic.


I would reject this for not being distinct. It’s just a sign for an apartment, and doesn’t have anything unique about it.

If the sign also had a decorative fountain, some artwork like a sculpture, etc, then I’d be more likely to approve it. I’ve even had neighborhood signs that are also pergolas/pavilions, and I’ve approved those.

While it’s not a part of the criteria clarification collection yet, the business signage info in the Unique Art part is helpful. The ambos do have neighborhood signs for future consideration.


They’re fine in my book.

How do they meet criteria in your opinion? They do not to me, so I would love to know how so many are getting accepted in game. I think it is because people don’t know how to reject them. I certainly would like clarification from Niantic on which rejection to use.


@cyndiepooh I’m guessing it could be a local thing. I know growing up over here they would actually be a meeting spot.

We would meet friends ( and still do ) at " The head of the road" basically the entrance to an estate or the top of a road. This is generally (not always but the majority of the time) by these name stones/plaques/signs etc. so I’m guessing that’s why they get in.

Don’t think my example would apply round the world though. Maybe in a few countries.

What would you think about simply down-voting Exercise, Socialize, and Explore?

People have argued that this doesn’t disqualify a nomination, but how would they know? Niantic says those three are the pillars upon which an acceptable Wayspot exists.

If their database wound up full of garbage because they failed to administer it in a reasonable fashion, they could simply auto-exclude everything that failed those three criteria…


I think they should be accepted, they are basically the same as park signs


How so? They seem like real estate billboards to me. They are at the entrances to places people live, not places to explore like a park is.


Okay that does sound like a different thing from the suburban markers I call neighborhood signs. The fancier the sign, the more expensive the real estate there usually.

They assist in exploration IMO because they let you know what neighborhood you’re in.


Sometimes but not always. In the past few years they upgraded a lot of them. Community groups like Tidy Towns, Local and County Councils and the residents of some of the estates have been involved in beautification program which is how a lot of them came about. Of course, new developments have also added to them and made them fancier but on the new developments side some of the time you will get some extra poi’s like sculptures, etc.

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lol i meant in my experience. “there” was a bad word choice.

I understood. :+1::+1:

but they’re in no way a great place to explore. every neighborhood is the same as the last and their names are just a variation on the others around them.


Has Niantic officially come out recently saying if neighborhood signs are acceptable or no? Only asking because in my area, a lot of them have been popping up as waypoints.

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Take a look here👍🏻

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I was instructed several times not to do this during the wayfarer challenge. I was instead told its better to use a rejection reason that is inaccurate “to make sure its rejected”

I wish we could get clarification that downvoting the 3 criteria definitely rejects a waypoint, because that is certainly how I want to reject things that do not meet criteria

Since I stopped doing this out of fear for my rating, my rating got trashed anyway, so yay for me. If my rating ever goes back to great and I start reviewing again, I would LOVE to know how to reject things that don’t meet critiera but also dont meet the limited rejection reasons we are given to choose from

Oh, and this sign? I would say it does not meet critiera. No idea HOW to say that, but it doesnt.

Edit: lol didnt see how old this thread was

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I really think they need to go back to the old system where we give it a rating out of five stars instead of just a yes or no.

“This nomination is kind of distinct, but not entirely non-distinct.”

There is the I don’t know option in the middle