Experience is very bad

I was looking forward to level 37 to be able to put in Pokestop ideas. Unfortunaly EVERYTHING i put in gets rejected, while there are ridiculous stupied things accepted as pokestops in my area.

I see in latest posts im not the only one getting everything rejected,i dont get whats wrong with my and others spots.

Motivation to put in ideas is gone completly,so i will just stop to put in or even evaluate others put ins.

You’re welcome to share screenshots of the things you’ve had rejected and we can see if we can give you some helpful advice.


Hello, @TGtheGod.
Thanks for sharing your experience. As you note, you aren’t alone in those frustrations and I understand from my own negative experiences how much it saps motivation. If you feel you must step away, I encourage you to do so.

You’ve found the Wayforum - a community of Wayfarers who have varying levels of experience in submitting and reviewing from across the world who bring all sorts of perspectives. If you’d like, I would strongly recommend asking for support here to reflect on some of your nominations or ask for guidance on other potential candidates in your area. Keep in mind that sharing could reveal your relative play area.


Help me understand whats wrong with this 2 for example

I can’t read the text, but what makes the road sign a great place to explore, socialise or exercise. All nominations have to meet one of those criteria to be eligible.

So you are telling me this big open area, with stones to sit or stand around them,a possible little bbq spot with the big sign near a river easy to find for everyone isnt a place to sozialize ?

I’d need to read what you put in your title, description and supporting text to give advice. If you can copy and paste the text so that people can read/translate it that would help people give feedback. The sign itself doesn’t obviously meet any criteria.

Title : Rheinkilometer 523

Description : Das Hinweisschild zum Rhein Kilometer 523 mit Steinkreis und kleiner Grillstelle

(The Sign telling you its Rheinkilomezer 523 with a stone circle and little BBq spot)

Supporting Text : Eine schöne Stelle, sogar für größere Gruppen, um beisammen zu stehen und sich zu unterhalten und nebenbei vielleicht sogar zu raiden in einer Arena

(A nice spot, even for bigger groups, to be together, talk, and maybe even raid)

For what it’s worth, I strongly doubt that every single one of the Rhine kilometer markers is separately eligible. And yes, most of the people here will likely not be from Germany and it will be better to provide a little bit of context if you would like them to be able to help efficiently.

Der Rheinkilometer, so ein Schild kenne ich nur von der Schifffahrt. Das Schild selber würde deswegen, weil es wie ein Straßenschild ist, kein Annahmekriterium.erfüllen.

Der Strand / Grillplatz geht sehr wohl, die Schwierigkeit wird sein, dass es ohne ein von Menschen gemachtes Objekt schwierig ist, einen fixen Standort zuzuordnen.

Die Bank hat ein schlechtes Foto weil dein Schatten komplett über das Bild hinweg drauf ist. Eine einfache Bank irgendwo akzeptiert sowieso keine Annahmekriterien.

Die Beispiele, so wie du sie uns gezeigt hast, sind korrekt abgelehnt worden.

Ich weiß nicht wie deine Gegend sonst so aussieht. Ich kann dir nur sagen, dass es als dicke Faustregel gibt, bereits existierende Wayspots nicht als Maßstab zu nehmen. Einige sind total alt oder aus anderen Gründen nicht den Kriterien entsprechend, und eine ähnliche Einreichung würde nie durchgehen.


Don’t nominate Rhine kilometer 523, there are literally thousands of them. Nominate the grill area instead, that is the real reason anyone would actually go to this place! :slight_smile: It needs to be represented in the photo and mentioned up front in your title and description, not be found out about only in the supporting text when most people have stopped reading (in part because it is not efficiently used with Pokémon GO references).


Being able to play Pokémon go is not a requirement for wayfarer. By writing this in your supporting information, you can even get negative votes from some.reviewers.


Thank you all for your input.

To avoid more frustration i will stop anyways and just use the spots which are there.