Pokestop nomination rejected for a parc

Is there a physical object you can use a placeholder for the park? Sign’s are obviously great but something else might do.


I see the rejection is for “Wayfarer criteria”. Did the email say the decision was by “our team”? This was most likely rejected by the ML model for not looking like anything that seems acceptable. All I see in that photo is asphalt edged by greenery.


No nothing in the park there is just grass

Yes but i mean its the robot mail thet send this for every one

I dont know

No, look higher in the email. An email by the internal staff or by the ML model looks like this:

but an email on a regular voting decisions will look like this

No they dont send me this

I receve just the rebot mail
I dont really know why they refuse because a park is in the wayfarer criteria the probleme is beczuse its me or something

you do not get a decision email? do you get one when you submit?

i can assure you it is not because it is you submitting. the photo for a wayspot must be a recognizable spot. if the park does not have a sign, look for something that clearly defines it as a park. maybe a seating area?

It’s hard to tell that’s a park. It unfortunately just looks like a pathway with grass at the side. Is there a marker such as a sign?

I know signs are not needed but they do help. Failing that, perhaps an article about things happening at the park such as events you can include in Supporting Information?


Is this the park you were trying to submit? Nothing else in that cell will show in Pokemon Go anyway.

And there is a Wayspot already for “Square Boris Vian”

Which is in the same L17 S2 cell as " Aire de Jeux Walvein" so only one of those will show in PoGo, and I can’t tell which from that Ingress map of portals.

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In my place there is this park and a graffiti

i do the proposition for it he is in the same place but its street art and imnot sure this will make a differrence

No its not the same boris vian
i live in chambray-lès-tours its another place

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okay i found the correct one. no wayspots here, but nothing really looks like a park. There is a big empty field that has street view all around, but I don’t see anything that you could use as a visual anchor to submit there. But you might try to submit this seating area if you can get a good photo.

(I want to be clear that the seating area is not guaranteed to be accepted, but it is a man-made destination to be social, so has a better chance.)

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I got a chance or its not possible