Fancy hotels?

Do you guys approve fancy hotels? The kind that won’t let you in if you don’t look right?

I normally put them as private probably out generic biz as they aren’t available to everyone.

Your thoughts?

They are 100% not private property as far as wayfarer is concerned. That applies only to “single family residences” aka the places in which people actually live.

Beyond that, do they meet any of the 3 criteria? that’s all that really matters. some are historic and may be a great place to explore. some may have particular attributes that make them a great place to be social. many are simply just generic businesses.


But if they not open to general public they are private, I was recently in a town where the only options where inside a hotel totally unaccessible to the locals

I feel if you have to pay to be there it’s private

Wayfarer no longer uses stars just yes or no and I reviews for locals not rich tourist

regardless of your personal feelings, that’s incorrect with regards to wayfarer.


It’s absolutely not Private Property. Also the rule is that it has to be accessible by some people some of the time which any hotel is. If paying to be there excluded it you would not have any Wayspots in Disney.


Yeah that’s a good point… I’ll just put it as generic biz as very few of them have any soul

More reason why I think Niantic is racist :joy:

it’s not really niantic’s fault, it’s the reality of our global capitalist society. i have a ton of sympathy for the situation you’re in and it’s one of numerous issues involving inequality as it intersects with wayfarer that i have spent a lot of time thinking about in the past. but at the end of the day it’s not niantic’s job to fix it nor could they if they tried.


I think they just focus alot on the US and forget that things are different elsewhere

A pokemon example of that is the timing of community day (2-5pm) means that northern europe has to play a significant amount of it in the dark during the winter, and southern europe has to play in dangerously hot conditions in the summer.

Another example is the number of major events where players in New Zealand and Australia had major problems with the game not working, things not having been tested or switched on in time, because it seems the teams forget about the time differences

I’m sure there are non Pokemon examples too.

I dont think its on purpose, but maybe due to lack of planning or consideration

And my issues is why? Why don’t they care? It’s been many years with nothing being done.

Did you know for the longest time the country of Malawi only had 3 portals! 3 for an entire country!

I’m just getting so tired of the racism. Yes it’s racist not to create because why don’t you care???

3 in 1 country is terrible, I agree
And I definitely see the issue that without waypoints, people struggle to level up, so can’t help

Yup it’s a nasty feedback loop

Set your bonus to marocco and approve almost everything :wink:

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most countries in africa as well as certain countries elsewhere in the world simply don’t have enough reviewers, and even if folks from elsewhere come and help review they don’t have enough people nominating because no one can level up. it’s a problem that’s tough to solve because both “sides” require the other side to be solved first.

in some places niantic has experimented with creating pokestops from third party data imports with mixed results. it’s not clear to any of us exactly how they choose which countries to apply that to but repeating that it’s because they’re racist isn’t really a productive argument. are there racial underpinnings to the inequalities of the world? 110% yes. is niantic specifically acting in a racist way? no not really.


Well it’s been nearly a decade and nothing has changed… Why do you think they don’t care?

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Actually, they do care. I had a nice chat with a Niantic employee about it last weekend. They were asking for ideas on how to better serve those countries that are under served. If you have ideas, i can try to forward them. Remember, ideas are always better than unspecific complaints.

It’s very much what we call a chicken and egg situation in Western culture - which comes first? The players who can add wayspots or the wayspots so people can play?

I see it in lower income areas around my city. I have no idea if adding wayspots will result in more players. But we are making the attempt as best we can.

This often does become an issue based on economic resources, unfortunately. The areas with more resources invest those in community projects that then qualify to be wayspots. Areas that don’t have resources, don’t have parks or public art or developed public spaces.


That’s good to hear, next time you can tell them you had a very annoyed player in marocco who was convinced they are racist.

I’m not in a poor area, I’m in a UNESCO world heritage market town with so much to add but the que is years long

They have done wayfarer promotions before. Just show the stuck ones to anyone it’s not rocket science

While I have you why is pokemon home regional locked in play store? And why is campfire not rolled out worldwide yet?

They could just data mine google maps for ever mousq
they could contact local players that aren’t reviewing

It’s time to actually do something about this as it’s been many years

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Not a Niantic product so not relevant.

Raise with Campfire team, not to do with Wayfarer.

It’s an important part of the game as there no way to get a pokemon without it

:joy: :joy: “Contact via the app” the app won’t even let me login how am I meant Todo that?

Still this all adds up to me to seem that Niantic is racist

Would you be able to share names and coordinates of some of these nominations that have been in queue for years so that they can be looked into?

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