How do we improve wayfarer where wayfarer activity is low?

Sadly this topic Fancy hotels?
get closed to early, so I can’t respond to this comment

But I want to give my thoughts to this and open therefore this new post :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @seaprincesshnb
That are fantastic news :hugs:
I have a few ideas, maybe one of it makes enough sense to help out :woman_shrugging:t2:

  1. Open reviews to the connecting review areas at south, east, north and west
  2. Open reviews continent-wide
  3. Building clusters of review areas with the same basic language (like in this case arabian)
    4. Set bonus location to an area who needs help
    5. Let wayfinder decide (maybe per toggle, maybe with incentives) to review a percentage of help needing areas
    6. Travel to “wayspot deserts” / pushing the “service days”
    7. Open reviews to world-wide
    8. Make mini challenges
    9. Bonus hoping unlimited
  4. Give up the “never empty queue” policy

I hope you, in cooperation with niantic, find a smart solution. Please update us from time to time

Edit: down from 4. I collected the ideas from the comments. Without the second 4, the format hates me :expressionless:

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I hope you don’t mind but I have changed the title to something more appropriate. It’s a really worthwhile topic and it needs a title that encapsulates it better. :sunglasses:


@elijustrying you make all this really fantastic. I’m glad to have Ambassadors like you on board.


Having changed my bonus to Morocco to try to help, I think all I’m mainly doing is clearing out the English edit backlog.

Really wish we’d cleared up the whole “how do edits count for agreements/ratings” because it feels like half my reviews at the moment.

So far it’s proving hard to even find any reviews to do for Morocco. I did approve a couple of cool murals and a small, ornate hotel entrance. Some stuff had pictures that werent eligible - license plates, people in them, or just not of the item described. There’s no street view, so supporting pictures are important but they are often the same as the main image

In terms of wider ways to help, what about an opt-in program for reviewers, with rewards, which enables them to review in different bonus locations that need support

This needs to be incentivised and with good communication via email, social channels and in games to the wayfarer audience. Many players do wayfarer for their own community’s benefit, not for the general satisfaction, so the incentives would be important


This would be great as long as a guide is provided to the nuances of the place you are reviewing. We know different countries have different takes on things - and stuff we don’t accept in our own country is fine somewhere else and vice versa.


I don’t think we’d get a guide, if those guys can’t even get a decision :laughing:

Best practice might be asking too much…


I’d be very wary of these.

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Little long but works

Well, there are 2 reasons for the main and support image to be similar.

The first is just lack of wayfarer knowledge. The 2nd is trying to hide something.

I dont want to tar everyone with the same brush there, so I’m keeping an open mind, but I do know that people try to hide things too sometimes, at least in the UK

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I would love the idea and be totally prepared to even travel a little further to ‘pokedeserts’ that could use a few Wayports to get the game(s) going. In my village, there were like 10 POI’s for the first 4 years or so. During the Corona-year someone added about 10-15 more. This made the game MUCH more fun and more playable, making me pick it up again after an almost 2 year break. I started Wayfairing end of March and added another 26 so far.

The past two months the game really got a boost here, which unfortunately means my ‘private’ gyms and showcases are basically gone, but I like it nonetheless.

But with the speed my nominations are declined lately, I’m not even considering going through that trouble and frustration for POI’s that don’t benefit me at all.


I say just do it globally we can easily translate titles

But we’ll have to change the Wayfair rules to be more global, not all of us have the same cultural values as the usa and the game should reflect that

It’s time we turned this from a monarchy to a democracy

Viva la república :heart:

Or just a terrible photographer

Yeah we seriously need to do something right now the rules seem to favor traditional American values where a generic church is ok but a cool hostel gets rejected

Third reason: forgetting you need two. I was just gonna submit one and now I’m too far.

For nominations like those, or with photos that do not take up the full screen, drone shots, and suspiciously professional shots, I take extra precaution of reverse image searching. This should already be an automatic ML check and is currently very frustrating.


Here is a great example of a private poi is in a private generic hotel that can only be access inside hotel with nothing else in the area

Imagine if you’re trying to play here? It would seem like the game is only for tourist

Why you suspicious of good photographer?

While I’m certain that some Wayfarers are also professional photographers or professionally skilled, I err to check whether the shot has been posted elsewhere out of respect to the artist’s copyright.


Check the tooltip under Appropriate to what is covered by the rejection and what locations are allowed. The hotel may be classified under “restricted”.

That too! People also dont always understand that the supporting picture is supposed to be taken with a wider view of the area, but the item still in view. Often they just take broadly the same image, or they turn right around and take a picture in the opposite view, which isn’t helpful either :laughing: and that’s not just Morocco, that’s everywhere.