Feature idea: Add possibility to vote if supporting photo is valid for POI image

Very often supporting photo is valid to be used as POI image, sometimes it is even
better than a primary photo.

Now lots of valid photos are “wasted” as they could be used for POI image also.

Personally I sometimes add a supporting photo to POI (Portal) using
Ingress “Add Photo” and “Existing Photo” feature.


I would vote against this feature. When the supporting photo is good enough to be the main photo, it typically means that the person did not provide a good supporting photo. The supporting photi should show a lot more of the area/context around the POI than what is displayed in your example above. I often reject nominations where the 2 photos are virtually identical because it’s hard to know if the location is correct. I see that as an indication that the submitter is trying to hide something about the location.


Also want to point out those that just submit the same photo for main and supporting photo, so there wouldn’t be much of a point when it comes to those submissions. I tend to reject a good deal of those, as I can’t find the place in question, even if there is Street View available, or they’re located on private property or a school.

And yes, when the supporting photo seems a bit off, I typically find the submitter is tryihg to hide something. I see a good deal of LFL submissions trying to hide the fact that they are on private property with both the main and supporting photos.


I see where this isn’t exactly the right reply to this, but very similar so I thought this was the best place …

After crunching through the reviews in the most recent challenge, I saw both photos and descriptions in the supporting information where one or both items were better than the primary photo/description.

Rather than hijacking the submission by switching the supporting item for the submission, could a slider be added asking if the item would be better as the primary?

Then if enough reviews agree on that choice, a note is added to the email stating something like:

The Wayfarer Community really liked this [item/description] and would like you to consider using this in a future edit of this submission. Keep up the great work!

It would be a way to improve future submissions with minimal change to the system.

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This is tricky and I know exactly the situation that is under discussion. I have come across these and thought……did the submitter get these the wrong way round.
There is also the question of malicious use of such a feature. But I don’t think that in itself should stop any good idea.
But it is rare.
This makes me question whether it would be worth the resource and focus of the Wayfarer Team.
I would rather efforts were spent on other aspects of the wayfinder experience where benefits would be felt more widely.

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Totally agree. If the original and supporting photo are the same or look like something is being hidden, then I’ll reject. The original should be the image for the POI, the supporting should show a much broader overview of the site.


I want a great main photo and a supporting photo that shows me that poi in its surroundings. I do not like the idea of allowing reviewers to switch the photos.

If were designing the review, we wouldn’t even be able to move the pin. Either accept where they submitted it, or reject for inaccurate location. The weird averaging that happens when some reviewers move the pin can put the Wayspot in bad locations.

Not for me. I like to put people, dogs, licence plates and AR pictures of Charmander in my supporting image.

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