Ferry across the M... Thames

Accept or reject a ferry crossing point?

Hammertons Ferry

One of only four ferry services left operating over The Thames. In 1913, four years after the ferry opened, Walter Hammerton was taken to court by Lord Dysart who challenged his right to run the service. After the case was found against Hammertons public interest was raised and funds were donated by local people to help his appeal.
The House of Lords overturned the case and the service still ferries passengers and bicycles from Ham House over The Thames to Marble Hill House

Originally opened in 1908 by Walter Hammerton after local laws created a public right of way along Thames towpath.
The service as well as being an important part of London’s river history also connects two historic National Trust houses, Ham House and Marble Hill House on opposite sides of the river.
The current ferry built in 1997 is named Peace Of Mind with Walter Hammertons original ferry on display at The London Museum of Docklands.


Last time I tried it was rejected but they only had a little chalk board with the name on it.

It looks like this

I would accept, particularly with that writeup. Looks like a good place to explore. We accept train stations, and this is way more interesting to me.


Thanks, I probably should have went for a supporting image with the sign in the foreground and the ferry pootling off across to the other side :thinking:

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Isn’t this akin to a bus stop?

“A nod to travel” is that how it was phrased? I can’t find it any more.

Regardless, SEAprincess would definitely approve a ferry pick up spot.


I would accept this. We have a harbour ferry here and it actually is a big tourist attraction.


I don’t think so. There are hundreds of thousands of bus stops
I guess without the history behind it and the two points it connects together it could be seen as that.
These are the two areas it connects @margaritedville


Fanks, Emily :heartpulse:

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