Flagpoles Worth Appealing?

My wayspot showing three flagpoles in the center of a community roundabout was recently rejected for being temporary/seasonal or not distinct. I’m wondering if it’s worth appealing or if there’s anything I can do to make it a better submission if I resubmit.

If they are unique and are placed in some significant locality then you can appeal.

I have never seen flagpoles as meeting any critieria. Sometimes a memorial will have flags as part of the arrangement. But in that case, it’s the overall memorial that is eligible, not the flags.


I wouldnt say they are particularly eligible, you don’t provide much in the supporting to suggest otherwise. Also, is there actually pedestrian acess in the middle of a roundabout without dodging traffic,?

Very fair on the supporting information point. The roundabout is at the entrance to an apartment complex and traffic is mild and slow moving. Crossing to the roundabout with your dog or just to walk over is easy and safe.

flagpoles are common mass produced objects that niantic has stated are not eligible. as far as Im aware niantic hasnt changed that guideline.

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Last I checked, objects in the middle of a roundabout were a guaranteed rejection due to pedestrian access issues. Flagpoles aren’t particularly notable either.

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Whether there is much traffic or not is irrelevant. If there’s not a clearly marked crossing point to the centre of the roundabout, then Niantic deems it to have unsafe pedestrian access. But as others have said, flagpoles also don’t tend to meet the eligibility criteria anyway.