Flights to New Countries Starting NOW!

Hello Explorers,

A huge Thank You to all of our challenge participants. As we near the last 24 hours of the challenge, we will be adding 2 countries into the challenge. We will be adding Brazil and Mexico as they’re the countries with the next in line with the largest backlog numbers for both nominations and edits combined. We hope this will help address the bouncing Niantic Airship issue currently present in your review experience. Our team is still working on the “!” errors. Please note, there will not be an extension of the challenge. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to improve the reviewing experience.

We are incredibly close to Tier 3! I’m confident we will clear Tier 3 today!


i think there’s and error why the brazil and mexico is get reviews, thanks for the information

Dang this is a bit disappointing as the community has been doing their best to maintain a pace to reach the fourth tier but has been unable to as the system simply won’t give them enough to review. It’s understandable though that the team doesn’t want more days of stress.

Thanks for the update!


So multi-lingual this challenge! Japanese, English, German, now Spanish and Portuguese!


Vai Brasil!!! É nós de novo incomodando a comunidade.


I am glad we reached tier 3!! I am sad we could not reach tier 4 and I think we would have if not for problems, but I have to sit back and consider that this is the first time we’ve tried and edits challenge. It shouldn’t be surprising that there were some bugs. Hopefully it can be discovered what has happened to my 50 USA edits that are not getting reviewed :thinking: Get a stick and knock em loose!


Upgrade them! If that dosn’t help nothing will help

Niantic just wants us to learn new languages

I feel sad for the Peridot players because they won’t be rewarded for their effort, since we won’t reach Tire 4

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About to hit 100k…well the challenge is

I’m at circa 1,100 with my agreement rate dropped by 10% and still clinging on to Great.

Does anyone have the total numbers for previous challenges? I’m sure they were a lot higher.

Wow, I missed this announcement, lmao