Frame this submission

So that I don’t get a rejection for school (k12)

Title - Pope’s Grotto

Description - Set of silver studs outlining the only remaining part of Alexander Pope’s house and grotto. Pope built the bejewelled grotto in 1720 using minerals and rocks gathered from around the world. The humble studs set in the mundane pavement are directly on top of one of 18th century England’s most famous buildings built by one of its greatest poets

Support - Born in 1688 Alexander Pope was an English poet and writer. Pope lived outside London from an early age due to the prevailing anti-catholic culture and laws preventing Catholics residing within 10 miles of the city centre. Anti-catholic statutes also cut short his formal education and from the age of 12 he was largely self taught.

At the age of 31 Pope moved to a villa in Twickenham where he built his famous house, grotto and gardens.

The house and gardens were demolished after Pope’s death. The grotto remained mostly intact and runs under Radnor House School.

Restoration of the grotto was completed in 2023 and is now open to the public via the river entrance

First picture would have to be the main as the actual plaque is on the school wall.

Technically the studs and submission are on public land. If I zoom out on the plaque a bit the school sign is above.

Remove the school reference in support or obviously point out this isn’t on a school?

It’s not about how to sneak in a submission by hiding facts.
It is on the school, therefore it’s not supposed to be submitted. If you hide that fact it’ll be reported and removed, and you’ll potentially get a strike on your account for knowingly and intentionally submitting disallowed wayspots.

Please… Did you read the post?

I’m not sneaking anything. It’s not on the school, it’s on the pavement.

Go back and read the post and get back to me if you have anything helpful to add.


The site you linked says Radnor House School is the owner of the grotto. In my opinion there is no way to frame the photo to make it not worthy of a K-12 rejection.

It’s not on the school.

I’m not nominating the grotto underground or the plaque. I’m nominating where they have marked it’s location on the public pavement.

I’m not attempting to frame the photo to get away with it. I don’t have to. If I was trying to be covert and ‘sneak’ something past why would I ask on here how to do it.

The two reactions so far are perfect examples of why I need to frame the submission in a certain way and neither of you are even reviewing it.

Please read the post.

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Those marking on the pavement would not be eligible. The location itself might have been had it not been on school property.



It marks out the location of where the grotto stood as it says on the plaque.

How is that not historically important?

“a destination or a placemark of local interest and importance and which makes our communities unique and shapes its identity. Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in.”

That place marker could be the plaque and not the lining on the pavement. And since the plaque is on school property, it is ineligible.

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I didn’t nominate the plaque because it’s on the school wall.

Do you think the silver studs just randomly fell there?

They were put there to place mark it.

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I have read the post and the article, this is my guesswork from the info provided.

Got no question about its historical importance or if it meets an eligibility criterion, it does.
The question is the location,

  1. Studs are part of Pope’s grotto.

The grotto currently lies beneath a road in Strawberry Hill. Silver studs mark the shape of it beneath the tarmac. It is the only part of Pope’s house that still exists

  1. The property previously known as Pope’s grotto was acquired by a school.

Silver studs mark the shape of it beneath the tarmac. It is the only part of Pope’s house that still exists and now the site is the home of Radnor House, an independent school.

When Radnor House School bought the site in 2010, they invited Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust to join them in developing an achievable project for the conservation of the Grotto.

  1. Studs are currently on a sidewalk pavement.

Since 1, then 2 can be assumed applies to the studs. 2 & 3 can be non-mutually exclusive, the school property may be extended to the section of pavement where the studs are in this case.

It may take further proof to show the studs is not a part of the acquired property of the school, what resources is there to verify that?


I wouldnt say that’s on school grounds, if its on the pavement outside.

I also don’t like the advice to submit the plaque rather than the cool thing the plaque is about, I know we joke about “signfarer” but wow, maybe the name does need changing! Surely the plaque would be part of the supporting image but the main image could be the item we are supposed to be exploring!

Next to a school isnt in a school. Sure, the parts inside the school cant be submitted but I see no reason not to submit something next to a school that happens to have the sign about it attached to the school wall.


It’s fine, Thank you :slight_smile:

I had a rejection back within an hour and an appeal rejection back within 5 minutes.

I’ll nominate the f*cking Tesco 5 minutes away…


I had to do an edit review on a Lidl recently. So someone actually approved a Lidl. Go for it with that Tesco :wink:


Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

I’ll walk away and have a seat on one of the 13 memorial benches to John Smith, dearly missed husband, father… on my way home

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I do so want those studs to be a wayspot (which is why I looked into it in the first place) but until further details come to play, it is healthy to err to caution for an reviewer’s/outsider’s perspective.

Ironically this plaque actually on the school building had been happily sitting in Go up until recently…

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I did thoroughly read your post, including the links. I gave my opinion that you could not frame it to not get a K-12 rejection from me. I will refrain from responding to any more of your requests.

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Good to know you would reject something as K12 when it’s not.

I’ll refrain from thinking you have read the criteria.

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