This or that

I can nominate both of these but I only have 4 submissions left and they are right next to each other.

Which one? I prefer the first but the second is probably a much easier accept?

Strawberry Hill entrance gates

18th century gothic revival gates at the entrance to Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House and gardens are the 18th century castle built for Horace Walpole. A Georgian gothic revival building with features and designs by many of the UKs famous architects including Robert Adam and James Essex. The gardens and house and are now run by The Walpole Trust a charitable organisation. The house is one of England’s finest gothic buildings, the central shield has the phrase Caelum non animum located below the initials HW conveying Walpole’s grand gothic sensibilities to anyone arriving here

Strawberry Hill House

HE listing

Horace Walpole

Generic description

Generic Support

This makes the second one sound so much more appealing. Thumbs up across the board for it. :joy:

I prefer the gateway myself, though it wouldn’t stop me from nominating both.


The house itself is already added so I’d be nominating on the strength of the gates themselves.

How long do you have to wait for more nominations?

A new one each day.

I have four other things in that house/ garden to submit and I wanted to try and get to 40 again to use them in one go in a month or so

Why are you in hurry?

I’ll forget and delete the pictures or lose interest.

I might want to try and do 40 submissions in a day soon so I need them to regenerate

I think the gateway looks great. I would nominate that. I usually have a few photos on my phone or computer to save for later. Could do that with the generic one.
I too need to get my numbers back up. It is a slow process.


Just realised there are two copies of Strawberry Hill House already on the map both of which will show in review

I’ll go for the boring plaque later since this will probably get rejected now

Oh darn. Guess you can submit the boring plaque later. Pictures look great though. Definitely some nice places you travel!

The house is something else

I’ve passed it lots of times and only just realised the other day the gardens are free to enter :slight_smile:


Oh! That is gorgeous.

Expected with unexpected reasons :sweat_smile:


Ah ok, that is the part of the building where the owner lives (temporary, until the day they take this “tent” and move to the next city) :woozy_face:

You should take the boring plaque.


Hopefully they can comprehend that Horace lived here and he was temporary.

Only 80 years. Very temporary
He basically only passed through


Forgot about leaving it and Emily got to Horace before my upgrade did


If at first you don’t succeed…