Generic business/signs vs legit trail markers

Can we please have a dialogue about regular street signs and legit trail markers that even get more people out moving around.

This is not the first time I have gotten a great trail marker rejected in an appeal, so wondering if everything is ai looked over only?

Yet 2 second on Wayfarer gives me generic business signs…

I would have accepted both of these, because they promote exercise and exploring.

My appeals for trail markers have been mixed. Some have been accepted and some rejected, even for the same trail and same style of marker. There is no consistency.

My advice with submitting trail markers is to not give up if you think its eligible. But there’s been this huge debate recently as some players have received threatening emails warning of bans for submitting trail markers, while the criteria still states that they are good submissions.

The issue on hand is appeal that gets rejected as above with a odd reason from Nia.

Not really sure what is going on lately

Unfortunately thats not an odd reason, its the inconsistency I mentioned. The appeals team seem split as to whether they follow the criteria or a whim on trail markers.

I’ve had national trail markers both rejected (with that reason) and accepted on appeal. It just takes persistence and a thick skin, and a willingness to roll the dice on these ban warnings/“educational emails”