Grazie niantic wayfarer!

Con questo post volevo ringraziare tutto il personale di niantic per il supporto e per tutte le novità!


This is a very nice Italian post!

I don’t want to hijack the sentiment, but the translation function seems to be broken, ever since I tried to read one that was partly German and partly English.

Attempting to use the translate globe results in:
An Error occurred: Bad Language Pair: en|en

I don’t think that post in particular broke things, just that the translation function doesn’t quite work properly for all posts. You can still find other posts that translate properly, but in cases like this one, it seems it decided to offer a translation, but when actually applying it, fails to detect the language properly and ends up displaying that error.

English version:
With this post I wanted to thank all the niantic staff for the support and for all the news!
Thank you.
Now we have the translated version :grin::v:t2:


I’m glad to have an in-page translation function, so don’t get me wrong! Even with my atrocious near-zero Italian I was able to intuit the OP’s meaning. When the globe failed, I checked the post using Google and it had no problem.

I haven’t found any other posts to test, but just thought I’d feed back in case there’s a real problem. Perhaps the single word ‘staff’ in such a brief post was sufficient to confuse our translator? Google didn’t seem to mind it, though.

I have the same on more than one post.

I think it’s a google translate error?

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probably the translator’s problem could be, as you said, the fact that I mixed non-Italian words with my comment, creating a sort of conflict that generates the error.

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I believe this is the case, as Niantic Wayfarer are in the title, and are not Italian words. The post text itself can be translated when I just select it, but the translator here in the new forums translates both the title and post.

However, it may not be the entire case, as this post that is primarily in Spanish had no issues with translating to English, even though Campfire and Wayfarer are mentoined.

I can work out it’s a nice sentiment in any language, so is very welcome.