Wayfarer Automated Translation

I would like to suggest and auto translation tool for the Description part of an portal.
An Translation option would be really helpful on every Description part throughout the wayfarer, regardless if it’s an description modification or a full new waypoint.

Something similar to the option to show the text difference.
it could be something basic like an implementation of google translate, that would help figuring out if the desciption is somewhat accurate or just nonesense


There is an unofficial add on that can do just that, though at the same time, it only takes a couple of extra seconds to have a Google translate tab open and to copy and paste manually.

I do agree that it would be nice to have the feature natively available though.


Since wayfarer advises against using any extra tools for reviewing, i must assume everything is included. But yes, it would be nice to be an in-built option to help the reviewer and the quality of the wayfarer

If you read the guidance closely, what is forbidden are add-ons that tell you how to vote or do the voting for you. A tool to help you understand what you’re reading is fine.


I hope this challenge will make the developers think again about the auto-translation built into the review system

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I don’t know about reviewing on a phone. But on a browser, you just right-click on the background, and select Translate. Then it just comes up in your language (no C&P necessary). It works for every review - until you refresh or close that tab.

People have asked for a Wayfarer translator for years. Niantic is not going to do it because it costs money. It would cost their developers to add it - then they’d have to pay Google or whoever wrote the translator. It’s free to us individuals, but not to corporations. AND if it’s within their app, they could be held responsible for mistranslations. If they force you to go outside, they are not culpable.

That click on the background and translate doesn’t work for me on browser.
i guess i’ll have to use the classic way.
not sure if Niantic will held responsible for the translation since it’s not made internal. they will use google translate or whatever company. so that company would be at fault. secondly, they can just pop a warning and say it’s not an accurate translation and advise you to use your judgement and other translation websites if you consider it.

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