Forum Bug: Translation fails to detect source language properly

Description: some posts either in another language or in multiple languages offer a translation icon, but clicking it displays an error, such as “An Error occurred: Bad Language Pair: en|en”

First experienced with this post: Why did the mosaic „The tower and the Lamp“ get rejected?

Most recently experienced with this post: Grazie niantic wayfarer!

Device: not relevant, but iPhone on iOS 17

Game: Wayfarer


The post about the Tower and the Lamp is in more than one language, and when that happens, there is no translation option. I found both English and German, and the translator can only translate one language.

As for the Grazie post, I did get an error, and I think it’s because Niantic Wayfarer is included in the title, and they are not Italian words. This one also has more than one language being used in the post, and it’s confusing the translator as to what language to translate.

Edit: I did find a post in Spanish from yesterday that also has English in both the title and post, Campfire and Wayfarer, and it’s translating without an issue. I do know that many Spanish speakers do use non-Spanish words from time to time, like how English has many non-English words that are used. It translated to English with no issues for me.

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There is a translation option on the mixed language post.

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I’ve been looking around the forums for other posts in different languages, and it seems like I’m only able to replicate the issue with the 2 posts originally noted. Any that were posted before April 29th seem to be working fine with the translator, like this one from a couple weeks ago that’s mainly in Italian, with Wayspot included in the post, but not an Italian word.

Here’s a mixed language post that translates without issues: Edits in Contribution Management Page - Discussion - #112 by SleepFuminchi

It seems to me that it affects mainly languages that don’t typically mix words from other languages. Japanese using English isn’t unusual, like Spanish. The German/English post and Italian/English mixed posts still error out when trying to translate.

I find this odd, since the forums use Google Translate, and if you are using Chrome, the browser has no issues translating any selected text. Here’s the screenshot of me translating the Italian post using Chrome’s Google Translate extension:

Mostly-English post that’s offering a translation icon (and failing to translate the small bits of non-English text): Removed wayspot appeal

This multi-language post translates properly: Invalid Wayspot Report Rejected - The Men's Warehouse - #16 by tehstone

Also translates properly: Invalid Wayspot Report Rejected - The Men's Warehouse - #24 by Xenopus

Thank you for your thorough verification.

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Another successful translation! Niantic! Stop approving ineligible, boring, generic Wayspots! - #3 by tehstone

This one is interesting, as when I highlight each word and translate in Google Chrome, they aren’t recognized. Tesos actually comes back as being Galician for “tight,” but I guess tuxes could be tight. Teos isn’t even recognized as being in another language.

Also want to add this post as being translated without issues:

When I press the translate button I just get a bigger version of the picture so there’s definitely something afoot!

The link above has been closed to users unlike Burger King, McDonald’s and The Mens Warehouse!

Here’s one with both English and Japanese, but doesn’t have the translate button:

Also no button: Pokeparadas y rechazo continuo de estas - #5 by MegaTrainerRed

Oh, hey, um, this post has a button and translates properly :sweat_smile: Forum Bug: Translation fails to detect source language properly - #15 by NvlblNm

Here’s mine Scenic viewpoint - is it good or nah? - #42 by AliceWonder1511

Found another with both English and some Japanese with no translate button:

The first part of the post translates, but the second half is missing in the translation.

No option to translate