Gum Club / Shooting Range

NOTE: I had to disguise a term to get this through the editor. You’ll have to translate.

Wayspot: GA Gum Club Ingress Intel Map

I believe this is adult oriented and should be removed. But my request was denied.

2006 Braselton Hwy, Buford GA

Background: Niantic Wayfarer



I know in the UK a few years ago we had an Olympic competitor who did this specialism and she was 18 - started at age 10 - it was in the news that she was so good and so young

So I wonder what kind of club it is, and whether young people can practice a skill there as well as adults? If so then maybe it is eligible, but honestly its something Im not really involved in at all, I just remember a news story. Gums are very unusual here - figured they’re more common in the US

Shooting ranges specifically are listed as adult oriented locations in the information link under the appropriate rating, so even if they allow kids to participate, Niantic has already determined they’re not acceptable.


Well, I mean there is this:

Location is an adult-oriented store or service, such as a liquor store, shooting range, mraerif store, or provides sexual and/or pornographic content

Right there in the Rejection Criteria. Niantic says it is straight-out ineligible, but they cannot find this page when evaluating a removal request. Is this because removal only applies to PRP and emergency services?

Here’s Niantic defining it as inherently unsafe/inappropriate, no gray area, no middle ground, and there’s Niantic saying ‘no thanks, go pound rocks’.

What even is the purpose behind reporting things to the department of rejections?

edit: and then there’s the fact that one cannot quote from Criteria without tripping the language filter. That jumble of letters between the shooting range and the sexual stuff has a word written backwards, LOL.


To get the email screenshot needed to get the staff here to even look at your request of course :roll_eyes:

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Wow. This is specifically and unambiguously listed as an ineligible location. But can’t be reported on the in game report for the reason given for it being ineligible. I wonder if they rejected the report because you had had to choose something else?


Hmm interesting
I had never realised because I’ve never seen one either in real life or in a nomination. Obviously I have read the criteria but I had probably forgotten that bit existed-bit like liquour stores etc, they’re not really a british thing!
Like I said they’re really not common in the UK. I have a friend who likes this sport and she goes abroad to practise it!
I guess Niantic should maybe check their own critieria there… either the critieria is wrong, or the team need some more training :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I had forgotten that I had to choose something from their list. I think I chose Private Property. So maybe the Rejectioneer only looked at that and said: Not a house! Reject that report!

The Wayspot was created before Niantic gave any guidelines. Before PoGo existed - so before children played Niantic games. (Ingress requires age 16.) It was the only thing around. But even with all that, it wasn’t ever a great idea.

I googled “gum ranges near me” and found 13 within a half hour or so (if traffic is good) - a distance that I might go for a nice restaurant.

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Ingress now has an age limit of 13.
Wouldn’t it be neat to be part of a gum club. I cannot blow any bubbles :rofl:
I know here there is a range that allows older teens with parental consent. Although, it is mostly used for cadets who are interested in gunnery. Perhaps a niche group who maybe hunt. Unlike the US, there are limited locations in Canada.

We have plenty of trifle and tooting ranges.

I’m not really a fan of them so wouldn’t nominate, mostly I don’t really trust Go players to not climb over walls and get themselves tooted by a trifle.


Isnt that called natural selection? :sweat_smile:
Also, yum, trifle!!

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NIANTIC: There is no reason to punish the person wo submitted this portal. He has not been active since before the Year Four medal (2016). Therefore, this nomination was made in 2013 or 2014. (Nominations were suspended 2015-2017.) There were no guidelines back then, and only Niantic approved portals. It was long before OPR/Wayfarer.

Please just remove the Wayspot. Thanks.

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Thanks for the appeal, @margaritedville We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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Is this a green light on shooting ranges?

Should Explorers continue to report these if they appear live in games?

How are we to vote on them in Wayfarer?

Perhaps the rejection criteria are simply rules for me, but not for thee…


I guess it’s the standard “rejection criteria != removal criteria” but hooboy does that feel insufficient for this in particular…


Feels like if we ignore the rejection reasons on the criteria page, these qualify as a kind of sports club, a place you may socialise with other people who enjoy the same activity, and a place you may visit on a day out ie socialise and explore

But we are told to reject them for being only for over 18s (which isnt always the case everywhere otherwise where did our olympian train?)

Surely that would mean it should either be removed, for being unsuitable as a waypoint, or the critieria need updating so that they’re removed from the list of things to reject?

For example heres a club which allows children

These locations are not appropriate:[…]
Adult - Location is an adult-oriented store or service, such as a liquor store, shooting range, store, or provides sexual and/or adult content.

Last time i appealed a removal request for a shooting range it was removed and that feels like a pretty reasonable thing to do. Curious why this time was different?


I guess “Adult locations” is not on the removal criteria for a reason., Niantic actually wants those things in game.

I guess I was foolish to believe their words (“These locations are not appropriate”) when I should have believed their actions (Foursquare uploads).

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There most important thing for me from this thread is that instead of replacing a letter with a number when trying to get past the word filter it’s more fun to create a sort of catachresis.


I’m sure more will appear naturally :sweat_smile:


Also found out I can edit an individual word in my post by highlighting it :slight_smile: