Email Warning Recieved

Hi there, Graham has sent me a warning ([30435579] Message from Niantic) for a perceived pattern in my reviewing, specifically in relation to my reviewing at stop called “Eagley Valley Archery Range”. Could you please give me some more context as to what I did wrong here? I admit I may have been reviewing quickly due to the challenge, assuming that this review took place during that period. Are you saying archery ranges are ineligible for acceptance? I can’t remember what answer I gave for this one. Googling that name does not bring me up any further clues although ‘Eagley Valley’ may be in Manchester, UK. Any additional information would be appreciated.

Hi @AaronAAardvark. Sorry to hear that you got a warning. Shooting ranges are listed under the Adult area of ineligible spots. Though I’m not sure how I feel to it being applied to an Archery range. I think in the right conditions it’s an excellent form of exercise.

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Thank you for your reply @LetsRollGirl. I would never submit or approve a firearms related shooing range. I’m now even more intrigued as to whether I approved or denied the submission!

Personally, i think an archery range should be eligible, but it depends on where you place the POI. It absolutely shouldn’t be anywhere near the actual range. But if there’s an entrance, a place where you pay for use of the range, or maybe buy a cold drink when you’re done, that would be ok to me.

This is like bowling alleys IMO. You wouldn’t nominate the end of an alley where people are hurling bowling balls. But there’s a lot of space in an alley that is used for socializing while engaged in that sport.


Did you reply to the email asking what you did wrong?

I received a similar email a while back, and think my case is why they actually added a specific thing you reviewed “incorrectly.” I still believe I reviewed my reported one correctly.

Maybe @NianticAaron could add some context for you, or at least confirm if this is an "educational email’ instead of a strike against your account.

Thank you @cyndiepooh. Somewhere in the email was the line ‘do not reply’ but I see now it was ‘below this line’. I’ll reply to graham directly.

Ive got one accepted for an archery and it was at the entrance. This is in nottingham though so it might’ve helped with it getting accepted

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Thanks @NotASmurfTorb. Took me a while to get there lol.

The reply to my email offered no further context. I guess it was more about my voting patterns than the example they gave.