Help me to find the theme of this religious mural

Hello everybody!
Today I went to submit a church that I noticed it wasn’t on the map yet. When I finished doing it I decided to enter inside to visit it and I saw this spectacular mural, which I decided it deserves to be nominated too.

I don’t have too much religious knowledge and I really need help to find the context of this mural or the specific theme that is representing. Just to give a little bit of context, just in case this information could help someone to find the information I need, the church is dedicated to Francis of Assisi.

I already asked some people and they told me different things:

  • One told me it looks like “an Agony of Christ scene - like this vaguely similar image Agony in the Garden (Perugino) - Wikipedia”.
  • Other person told me: “Perhaps a heavily stylized depiction of Matthew 3:16-17”.

Please if you have any information related to this I would be so grateful with you :heart:

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I am not 100% sure but I think the central figure kneeling might be a depiction of Saint Francis receiving the stigmata? The clothing looks to be Franciscan robes, and the angel has six wings, which is how the seraph who gave Saint Francis the stigmata is depicted.


Or maybe the Annunciation to the Shepherds


I think there is a lot related to Francis of Assisi in the image, including the stigmata, the Franciscans, how he preached to common people, especially the poor, him being the patron saint of ecology, aka nature (hence the animals), and St. Claire of Assisi, who is most likely the nun to the right.


@aliccolo @AliceWonder1511 @DTrain2002 Thank you for your replies! Now I know is related with a scene of Francis of Assisi, now I just need to know 100% which one :laughing:

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Easy :sweat_smile:
Good luck! Looks great

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“St Francis Receives the Stigmata”

It’s the only story where he saw angels.

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Thank you so much you all! I will read all the story before submitting this nomination :grin:

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@aliccolo @AliceWonder1511 @DTrain2002 @margaritedville Thank you for your help! It seems Emily liked the nomination! I’m sad because I didn’t have more characters to write a better description :sweat_smile: