Putt Putt Golf course denied

Can someone help me on this one before I appeal it. There is no sign for the Putt putt golf but I had hoped this would be good.

It was denied and I have no idea why as that information no longer appears in their emails.

What’s not to understand about “Various rejection criteria”? The reasons this was denied were clearly quite varied.

I’m sure that’s useful information that will help you improve your nomination.

If you have an appeal to use and nothing else to use it on, by all means, appeal this. Otherwise, I’d be inclined to resubmit and to explain in the supporting info why it’s a great place to exercise, socialize, explore, or some combination. You may also want to change the title, but how am I to know? :person_shrugging:

I was sitting in my house when I took the screenshot but the pin is in the correct location. That is odd that it gives you my screenshot location. I’ll have to not do that from the house again.

It sounds like you may have taken the photos, but uploaded the nomination later. You can add the information at the location, and if you don’t have the best signal, choose to upload later.

There are also distance limits for uploading Wayspots; in Ingress it’s 20km and PoGo it’s 10km from the nomination.

I’m thinking that some may have chose private property and some may have chose inaccurate location for rejection reasons.

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Perhaps another “various” reason could be the supporting photo. You can’t see on this a wider view, with the first object included and how it’s integreted in the surrounding.

I have edited the photo to remove the address.


That would still be inaccurate location.

Inaccurate location + "bad"picture = various reasons

The bad photo options are just to be used for the main photo, not the supporting. A supporting photo can have a license plate in it, have a bad orientation, etc, and as long as the main photo meets all guidelines, as does everything else for the nomination, it can get approved.

I’ve submitted POIs and included a supporting photo with my car in it, because it was parked in the nearby lot or on the street. I also try not to have my license plate readable in the supporting photo, so most just show the sude of it or from a distance. Not once have I had a nomination rejected because my car was in the supporting photo and someone could possibly read my license plate.

There is a bug if you submit multiple POIs for upload later in PMG.

The first one is the accurate location you are at. Then if you don’t close the App and reopen it, when you go to submit a 2nd one, it still keeps the location at the first place.

I’ve never needed to close the app, just back out of the menu and let your location update.

Not to say that either should be necessary.

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This error is only when trying to submit another nomination after already creating one, and it has to do with Google Maps not loading. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the Upload Later feature, as it saves all information for the submission, including chosen location.

@cowyn2016 is correct, this bug was there before the blank map bug, is still present as of the 0.311 version (also when not using Upload later but just making 2 nominations subsequently, and indeed exiting the menu is sufficient), is likely the cause of identical locations sometimes seen in review, and it would be great if more submitters were aware of it/raising it as an issue on here.

I’m not seeing it when reviewing, and I think reviewers would notice if there was a trend with submissions being inaccurately located.

Okay but this is anecdotal evidence, sorry. I am seeing this very frequently while reviewing, and many other people are. There is literally a large collection of these in the WDD Discord. Reviewers have, in fact, noticed.

Oh yeah, I found that out the hard way. Normally submit wayspots in Ingress, but I’d run out of nominations and switched to PoGo. Every single nomination ended up at the same location…

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Was there anything in the old forums about this? I’ve never had this issue when submitting nominations, and I’m not seeing it while reviewing.

Remember, not all of us are on Discord, nor do we care to be.

went to the old forum and quickly found an example.

the title suggests that it was an upload later bug but the actual cause is mentioned in the post

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Just trying to point out that the fact that you haven’t encountered something doesn’t yet mean it doesn’t exist and needs immediate radical dismissing. Also, if you are using Pokémon GO, are you nominating on iOS, by chance?

Nope, Android.