Hopes for the next Wayfarer Challenge

Now that the Race Around The World challenge has come to an end, and the (star)dust has settled, what do you want to see in the next one?

Is there a certain country you want to be featured? Certain edits such as a focus on Photos to get that nice +500 AP? Rewards for other Niantic games such as Monster Hunter Now? Double OPR Live medal tick?

I know I’m posting this as an Ambassador but I would have posted something like this anyways, so just because you post here, doesn’t mean it’ll happen for the next challenge. I was just curious to see what people would want.


I know I also comment this as an Ambassador, but I would have posted this message too as a regular user:

  • Less bugs/problems.
  • If the bugs/problems can’t have a fix, give a reward or an extension of the Challenge for the issues.
  • The counter appearing above the review page.
  • Emails or posts in the different social medias from the different Niantic games announcing the existance of the Challenge. I know Ingress sent a notification but the others should have posted something too.
  • Different type of rewards instead of upgrades.
  • Any member of the Team available during weekends in case there is something needs a fast fix or to open a new country.

I’m sure there are more things I wanted but I can’t remember now. If I do it I will edit tthis comment.


I guess that there are still lots of edits backlog from the rest of the world.

Previous edit Challenge and America part was quite fast, easy and fun to do.
Did not do many from Japan as do not understand Japanese writing.

Double OPR Live medal tick with double Challenge duration would be nice.

Edit: Asking your oldest unresolved nomination date here is maybe a bit off-topic.
New topic created for it:

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  • Servers that don’t think we’re DDoSing them.
  • Once again, figure out how backlogs work because it’s definitely not based on a pending queue. There’s some work with S2 involved and whether the submission is getting approvals and denials.
  • OPR Live tick might interest Ingress players but I will say on here it’s always been a poorly thought out badge. This is nice to have something done for it in lieu of the usual. I feel like something involving the Wayfarer database could be expanded or experimented here as “OPR Live” sort of the the NIA tests they had on some sites.

I liked the Wayfarer upgrade rewards but would like to see a reward scale that doesn’t structure the wrong way.

  • 100 reviews = 1 upgrade (ratio of 1/100)
  • 250 reviews = 3 upgrades (better than 1/100)
  • 500 reviews = 5 upgrades (back to 1/100)

To encourage people to the Tier 3 rewards, make it more appealing.


Totally agree with this. I think some wished for an extension to try to get to community tier 4, or, due to the bugs, grant them.

And as a PoGo only player, this would be helpful, as it tends to be the unofficial social media and sites that take it upon themselves to let the community know, like PoGo Hub. I don’t think it would be hard to have a News post in the games about the upcoming challenges, and an official blog post.

I loved doing the edits, regardless of the language. Title and description edits in non-English languages aren’t as hard as some thing. For the Japanese reviews, I would translate to English, then back to Japanese, and compare what characters were being used between them and what a web search or Google Maps had.

And since PoGo players only receive a badge for review agreements, it would be nice to see some type of challenge badge added to PoGo. Of course, don’t now how much say Wayfarer has in that, and it may be up to PoGo specifically to have one.


Unpopular opinion, but i think rewarding people who did most reviews is contra productive. I feel like everyone is trying to do so much reviews just to get the reward, and not paying enough attention to the nominations, reviewing them superficially.

Having 100, 200 and 500 reviews reward is okay, but everything over it is just… i don’t know… is it even possible to do so much quality reviews…

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I’ll love if it’s possible go back to Mexico, Our Backlog it0s very big yet… A medal for challenges in PoGo would be lovely to…

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Indeed, this makes no sense, the logical number of upgrades for 500 reviews should be 7 upgrades.

If it’s a question of volume (now that ML does so many reviews, and hopefully keeps the backlog down)…

How about letting AI run through existing wayspots and flag the most iffy - then present those as a challenge? (Maybe just include Waypots created more than a year ago.)
Then we could get rid of the really bad ones. Many could have been passed by cheaters who are no longer playing, so wouldn’t pass again. Many are from before Wayfarer/OPR, and some Niantic staff just passed anything.

Or maybe give us wayspots uploaded from 4Square or Courts of the World - and if we approve, then they become visible in all games?

Either of these would be very different from usual - but maybe variety is the spice of life.