A suggestion for a new Wayfarer Challenge

Having edits on the contribution page has brought to light something that I think most people in the community already knew.

Edits were (are?) broken. I currently have edits “in voting” from early 2023. These are very simple edits that are giving descriptions to Wayspots that currently have none. These are what I would consider “slam dunks.”

My suggestion for a Wayfarer challenge would be as follows:

A global challenge, not centered on any specific country or region focused solely on edits. Don’t push edits outside their normal review areas, but turn off all of the “New Wayspot” reviews for a week, and allow people to review nothing but edits for the duration of the challenge.

Incentivize people to do their reviews like past challenges, and push as many old edits through as possible. Maybe throw out extra rewards for the country that completes the most edit reviews?

I think this would do a lot to reduce the backlog of edits that people are now remembering they have.


Sounds cool. I like edit reviews.

The rewards would have to be good to get non wayfarer geeks involved as reviewing edits is not exactly a fun experience for most.

What would you give out?

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Clearly I’m a geek :laughing:

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I hope so :smile:

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They’re easy and often very obvious, and low risk ie it’s not going to make an ineligible waypoint if I get something wrong. I also quite like proof reading and getting the best description and title accepted.

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a pat on the back and a firm handshake.

i’m sure the promise of another OPR live badge tick will draw in ingress players. maybe the pogo players can just take the week off from reviewing and relax?

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As long as this happens before may 15th i’m on board. after that… well i’d rather not spend years appealing my rejected edits.

I hope not.
That’s a lot of edits to get through for the 7 ingress players still left.


I suggested a worldwide global challenge in another thread. And yes, looking at my edits and seeing photo submissions still in voting from July 2023, it may be helpful to do an edit challenge, even if some don’t like doing them. I personally love them, as they are usually easy and quick to complete.


I saw the screenshot of a person with +90 edits just from 2021 (not talking about other years, just 2021) in queue/in voting.

I’m not surprised. I mean, it’s been taking longer for upgraded Wayspot nominations to get a decision on. I can only imagine with upgrades being available for edits how big those queues could be getting right now.

There are also several 2020 edits still undecided

lol turn off the new wayspot reviewing for a week… lol

I’d be happy with the same set of rewards they handed out for the last challenge to be honest.

I think the Ingress rewards were a bit better than the PoGO rewards though.

I’d love another ORR live badge tick lol

I don’t really raid, hunt shiny Pokémon etc so the rewards are fine but they don’t particularly inspire me to review. I’d join in for a lot less.

I’m not sure what it would take to get Wayfarer not-we* to join in with an editing challenge.

  • Not we (sometimes rendered Not We and not-we) is used by fandom to indicate the casual viewer of Doctor Who. Sometimes, it simply means “anyone who is not an obsessive Doctor Who fan”, and does not assume that the people described actually watch Doctor Who at all. The term is often used on internet forums and podcasts to distinguishing between “hardcore” and casual fans.

If we’re trying to convince non-Wayfarers to participate then in-game rewards are the carrot, in my estimation at least anyway. I’d be willing to bet remote raid passes would get many people involved, if it’s the right people… that’s an entirely different question lol

If I remember correctly they included rewards for other games in addition to Pokémon Go and Ingress last time. I believe Peridot. I think it would be really cool if they had some rewards for all of the current games.

It’s kind of an olive branch for folks playing the other games. And reinforces that Niantic believes in them too.

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How about an in game t shirt similar to the Wayfarer Go Fest ones and a Wayfarer pose where the in game avatar stands behind a gate shaking their fist at anyone trying to use the Little Free Library?


Peridot got rewards too last challenge. I’d love rewards for Monster Hunter Now, and Pikmin Bloom as well.