How do we improve wayfarer where wayfarer activity is low?

Honestly, @tehstone addressed this as soon as Morocco came up as a location. The WF system seems to be designed to never completely run out. It will always hold some nominations in reserve for reviewing.

idk if i spelled it out on the forum anywhere but yeah. it’s hard to have an accurate mental picture of what the backlog size truly is and many areas have a lot fewer than you’d guess.

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You did! I thought it was a really helpful comment.

It definitely seemed like I got a lot more reviews for Scotland when that was my bonus. Seems like this problem cantve solved with selecting Morocco as a bonus area then

if i had to guess, scotland has at the very least 100x the number of pending nominations that morocco does


Which kind of sucks because Scotland is way less populated.

Aparrently saying s u c k s is abusive, offensive, awful, etc

Was just saying thats bad because Scotland has way less population than Morocco

I’ve had Morocco as a bonus since Mayish and maybe 1/40 is from there.

My reviewing had been pretty sporadic though and a lot less than I used to do.

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