How do you get a stop moved if its not in the right place?

Theres a gym in my local park and the community of players i play pokemon with have all pointed out its not in the right place, how do you go about getting it moved? Thank you.

If you are high enough level in pogo, you can make an in game suggestion through the app, but only up to 10 m. If it is further than that, you can contact help chat through the help menu on the wayfarer site. They will need evidence if it isn’t clearly in the wrong place, such as geo tagged photos.

Be aware that moving the gym could result it in going away in game, but it is the right thing to do if it is incorrectly placed.

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Click on gym/Arrow at the top right/Arrow at the top right/Three dots/Edit location

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I didn’t know AI was being uaed. That explains a lot. I just got a rejection from a change I submitted at least 2 years ago. However back when fellow players voted on these changes it was quite common to recieve rejections because the correct information made cargressing harder.