How long does it take for pokestop to be accepted?

Hello, I want to know when the pokestop that I created will be received?, because I made this more than 12 hours ago, or is there something wrong with the pokestop that I created? Please help, thank you


First off, we do not create stops/gyms with Wayfarer. What we are doing is nominating places to be Wayspots on the Lightship map. Niantic’s games use the Lightship map for game play locations, and each game has different rules in regards to which Wayspots are in their games, as well as how many there can be in a certain area.

You have created a Wayspot submission, nominating a place to be a Wayspot on the Lightship map. There are a few ways that a decision can be made, and there is no guarantee of acceptance. The most common way is for the review community to vote on the submission. Depending on how many reviewers there are in your area can depend on how soon a submission is decided upon. It could take days, weeks, months, even longer. The emails for these decisions will say that “our community” made the decision.

The other most common way is for the AI, also known as Machine Learning or ML, to decide. Typically, if ML makes a decision, it takes around 24 hours at most. If no decision has come from “our team,” which is the wording used in the emails if ML decides, then it most likely has been sent to the queue to be voted on by reviewers.

The less common way is for a Niantic employee to pull the submission for review. Niantic may make a decision to accept the submission, but they may also decide to have the community vote on it.

You may want to take a look around the Wayfarer help center to get to know how Wayfarer works:


I noticed that it says “upgrade next”. That doesn’t apply an upgrade right now, but when you gain your next upgrade from reviewing wayfarer nominations it will apply it to this one. So you would need to review and receive agreements.

See here for more info:

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Typically there is a waiting period after nominations are made, depending on your area it’s likely around 24 hours. They do this to give you time to edit your nomination should you need it.

After that, it could be resolved anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks depending on how long nominations take to resolve in your area.

All I can say is patience is key in Wayfarer. Best of luck with your nomination.


Thank you all for the information, I will try to look at them one by one

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