How Permanent Does a Trail Marker Have To Be?

I approved this mostly because there were others like it in the map already. But it’s a frisbee nailed to a tree. Ok, it’s screwed to a tree. Trees aren’t specially mentioned in the article on trails and markers in Criteria Clarification Collection, but pictures of four levels of acceptance are given, from three thumbs up to thumbs down, with great examples. This is between the last two, with nothing “official” I can see other than the fact that similar items are on the map. There’s no indication of a “decision point” either. I think of myself as wanting to approve whenever possible, but I could photograph a frisbee like this in the woods next to my local distillery until I had six, or maybe 20, in a level 14 cell… So what do people think? Please accept my thanks in advance, like the nominator did in this example!

I think it’s about whether the trail is permanent, not about the material the marker is made out of. So that is how I judge things.

*unpopular opinion, some people think the material of the marker is very important

Not sure I can comment on this one with little additional info other than the image


I personally put more value on what a trail marker represents than it’s material merit.

If the submitter convinces me with their description and support that it’s worth being added that’s enough for me.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s screwed into the tree.

That may just be me that thinks that’s a bit off though.


OK, that’s making me feel better. This trail does seem like it exists, but I worried about these markers because they don’t really comply with the info in the Criteria Collection. Sorry about the lack of better picture… The title and description mentioned a trail for which there were some markers which did have a trail name… but these did look pretty makeshift too. I should have done more screenshots before I hit submit.


Oh, I see a lot of these. I was giving these a bunch of idk votes earlier since tbh I thought they were trying to sneak through a disc golf course with these markers I had never seen before. But the numbers go higher than that so I have been accepting them (i think) with a lot of idk votes. I wish they would give some evidence in the supporting! Early on I found this map which mentions “color coded numbered waypoints” and made me feel better about accepting the colored discs with numbers on them:

One day I should go find this place and see if these are all legit. But that would require a visit to Chapel Hill :nauseated_face:


I’m pretty comfortable voting for a trail that obviously exists. I think encouraging exercise is good, and these soets of things dont usually show up in areas with lots of other stuff going on, lets face it!

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BlockquoteIf the submitter convinces me with their description and support that it’s worth being added that’s enough for me.

Well they did say “thanks!”


Should I have done this digging? Maybe I should. But I tell you this, if I was submitting these things I’d put the link you found in the supporting…

Also, is Chapel Hill bad?!?

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Its a college team reference. I should know better than try to be funny. Go Pack!

No, you should not have done this research. The submitter should have presented it to you. Like you, this nomination left me feeling off, so I went looking for proof when I started seeing them again and again. There are a lot of them in this area:

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It’s maybe remiss of you to not click a link they add but it’s their nomination at the end of the day.

You shouldn’t bother too much if they can’t either.



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Presumably because of my lack of Ingress chops, I don’t know how to see this…

this is iitc, a version of the ingress map, with a pogotools overlay. i cannot begin to explain how to set this up but there are tons of people on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord who can. they have a permanent invite at

WDD has no affiliation with Niantic, but a lot of the ambassadors are members. And they create great tools to make this easier.

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There are lots of links to numerous trail sites mentioning the Farmhouse Spur trail, Crow trail etc @Andy502

This one is from the Carolina North Forest Facebook page maybe run by the University that own the land?

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That street address on the submission is in the middle of an apartment complex. Carolina North Forest is behind that complex so it’s feasible but I agree the marker is questionable. The trails in that area are named, so I would think that the markers would have the name or something on it as well.

This is how I rated that one

The pinned location is firmly in the woods: 35.946645,-79.063697

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Oh, if a nominator provides a link I always follow it! (Unless I’m going to approve anyway…) Don’t know what I said to give the impression I wouldn’t, but I have been known to use too many words, maybe I said a double negative or something!

Mine was pretty much the same, I think I put IDK for permanent and probably said yes to socialize, because while I know it’s a big world chock full of people different to me, I personally hate hiking alone!

You didn’t.

It was more that you seemed unsure about accepting them which wouldn’t have been a problem if they had added any of the links from above

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Ahh, understood.