How should I improve my nomination?

My nomination keeps getting rejected as a duplicate even though it doesn’t exist in my pokemon go game.

What’s so wrong with my submission? It’s not on Google maps and is a distinct feature, which is deserving of it’s own pokestop.

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There is no “deserving of its own PokéStop.”

Nominations submitted go into Niantic Lightship, which is a database of all Wayspots (points of interest) that may be used in Niantic games. Pokémon GO chooses what to include from that database and restricts it to a only 1 per a set “grid” size pattern. In your case, this lovely mosaic is too close to the “Kerrie Neighborhood House” PokéStop/Gym. There is unfortunately no way for you to have both included on the map.

When you submit future candidates, I suggest turning on the toggle “show nearby Wayspots” - it will help you avoid submitting duplicates of Wayspots that do not appear in Pokémon GO.


There’s tons of Stops that are right next to each other. There’s also universities and cities with tens of hundreds of spots within meters of each other. For example, I’ve seen spots stacked on top of each other in dog parks. Why do “rural” areas have to have so few spots for similar art pieces and features that are commonly found in cities and colleges?