No more nominations from me

This is it. In my town grafitti, street-art, stickers and little cable or electricity boxes with a sticker or street art on it are accepted.
But when I try to add a permanent, safe place, also a cable box with streetart it is rejected, although the picture and location are accurate.

When I’m in Ireland and try to add a few stops in a village with only 1 pokestop and I’m adding a public, safe accessible, permanent display for children (fairy groove) it’s rejected. Although the location and picture is accurate.

When I try to submit a small skatepark it’s rejected. A small football field? Rejected. Pictures and locations 100% spot on.

Because there is a playground next to it that already is a waypoint? Although it’s completely separate?

I’m SO DONE with this BS. I’ve tried to make my community better in the game but you obviously don’t want to grant my suggestions. Not sure why.
Don’t talk to me about the conditions, because like I mentioned above, AND CAN PROVE: far less correct suggestions are somehow granted. And no, i’m not going to report them, because I thought wayspots were a GOOD thing. Not a bad thing.

Either you accept my latest nomination or I’m never doing any other again.



Can we see the submissions you’d like to be re-visited? Have you tried the appeal function - where niantic will take a look at the decision and possibly overturn a rejection?

We can help advise which have the best chance on appeal and what to say to help give the best chance of acceptance?


I understand you are frustrated. Posting here won’t help get your nomination accepted. What we can do is look at the nomination as you have presented it and offer advice on whether it is eligible, and how you can improve it if it is and hasn’t already gone into voting.

Wayspots being in game do not mean that they meet current criteria.


Welcome to the community. It’s very frustrating to have nominations you feel are fit for acceptance denied while candidates you disagree with or consider lower quality accepted around you. We, the community here, are like you and have similar struggles at time.

From time to time, a Niantic staff may step in and offer an audit, but those are very uncommon and don’t offer much useful advice or context and they wouldn’t accept simply due to your request. The community in here can’t step in, either, to approve what you may have submitted.

But what we can do is walk through a few of your nominations to help you. Maybe we’ll see something you’re missing or can help better frame it with more context to strengthen your nomination.

Also, you are under no obligation to report accepted candidates you see around you.


The examples you list sound to me like you could be from an area where a lot of Wayspots don’t follow any criteria, so you have been fed with incorrect expectations of what is acceptable by live Wayspots.

You mentioned Ireland, but are you coming from a different part of Europe, Netherlands maybe? Because there and in the neighbouring areas, there has been a lot going on and is still not cleaned up properly.

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