How to change location of a rejected nomination?

I’m trying to add pokestops to Galiano Island and the 5G/GPS is spotty. The marker moved from the road to in the middle of the property. The folk art in the submission is at the side of the road on the public side of the fence, so not on private property. I even stopped to have lunch next to it and didn’t feel I was trespassing. Can the marker be moved to next to the road where it is supposed to be?

I should add that if this were in an urban area the art would be exactly where a sidewalk would be. Rural players are disadvantaged already and shouldn’t be restricted by less developed roads and walkways. We know on the island that the fence is where the private property starts.

[Uploading: Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 10.51.30 PM.png…]‽
[Uploading: Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 10.51.15 PM.png…]‽

Hi and welcome,

I think your screenshots didn’t upload so I can’t see the exact status of your nominations, could you please try again? Generally speaking though, it is not possible to change the location of a submitted nomination. If the location of these was incorrect and they were rejected as you say in the title, then the rejection was correct and the only way would be to submit them again. If you nominate through Pokémon GO, Google Maps and Google Maps satellite are visible, you can check if the pin is correct prior to uploading and can move it up to a certain distance.

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I just want to clarify… Do you know that you can move the map around to put the marker where the object is? Many people dont realize that, so the marker either lands where they are standing or where GPS jumps around to. But you have 2 opportunities to move the map to make sure the pin is correct. I typically turn on satellite view and zoom in so i get a precise location.

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