How to check on status of report

I’m looking to check in on this report. It was submitted 2024-04-08. I can’t find any follow up email about the outcome, so I’m not sure if it’s been decided yet?

This is at the same location as Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Town of Chili. The location is now private property, and it is impossible to access to the Gym without trespassing.

  • Wayspot Title: Chili Town Court
  • Location (lat/lon): 43.103593, -77.751839
  • City: Chili, NY
  • Country: USA


I see that this was resolved about an hour ago.

Please note that it can take a few days after submitting an invalid Wayspot appeal here in the forums for a resolution.

Reports are not shown on Contribution Management list.

Hopefully Niantic will add them to the list some day, see this:

I am not sure if you are asking for an email follow-up to your forum post linked above or to your in-game report, but it looks like you made at least 2 different in-game removal reports, one of which (May 5th) had a resolution. Not getting a resolution for the one made on Apr 8th seems to be in line with this bug which to my knowledge never got fully fixed: Removal outcome emails are broken

But in your case it shouldn’t be much of a concern as you got a resolution for a different one and as your forum report was addressed.

TL;DR - I want to remove the Chili Town Court waypoint, but I never got a response to my original report, which a screen shot of the response is required for appeals.

Apologies, let me try to clarify.

For this report - Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Town of Chili - I reported the Town of Chili waypoint in-game, it was rejected, and I was able to successfully appeal it on the forums.

I reported a separate, but similar, waypoint - Chili Town Court - in-game, however, I have not seen a rejection email, which is required for me to appeal it on the forums.

The Town of Chili and Chili Town Court waypoints were right next to each other, so I was hoping my effective appeal for the Town of Chili waypoint could be used to help remove the Chili Town Court waypoint.

Based on the reported bug being the same timeframe as my original report, it sounds like perhaps I just need to attempt to report the waypoint a second time.

Interesting. I have 5 outstanding reports from April. Between Apr 7th-17th. Should I be resubmitting these? As I look back in my emails, aside from those 5 my oldest outstanding would be May 28th. So it makes me think this was an issue and I must have missed the bug.

Oh sorry, I got lost in the Chili Town titles. Yes, it seems like the in-game report for “Chili Town Court” was a victim of that bug. It doesn’t necessarily follow that one will be removed just like the other was, but you should indeed stress in your post that the evidence for removal is the same, making it as easy to understand as possible.

I don’t know what the correct procedure is for appealing in-game reports from this specific time period. I would not expect emails for them to ever arrive. On one hand some of them were clearly acted on despite emails not being sent, so I would first check on the status of the reported wayspots in case you didn’t yet, maybe they were removed already. On the other, chances are high that your report was rejected but you can’t tell whether it was rejected or just not acted on, if it wasn’t acted on the team will tell you that you can’t appeal and it’s useless extra work for everyone. You also cannot provide the rejection email which is one of the requirements for a post on here, reporting multiple times could be perceived as spamming, and if you are not on-site anymore then it’s just not very fair to you as you can’t resubmit that report.

Maybe @NianticAaron or someone from the team can advise what the correct approach would be to appeal specifically April in-game reports for which resolution emails never arrived and are likely not going to arrive? Is it OK to exceptionally appeal them on here without a rejection email, for example?

To make things more interesting, I can’t report the gym again.


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Oh ok thanks. Sorry to tag off this thread. All the wayspots are still on intel and I did not receive anything. I would be surprised if they were all rejected as out of the five, 1 is private property and 1 is in a roundabout. I don’t have very much luck with the “Wayspot Removal” form so I will just have to report them again when I go out in those areas. Unfortunately they were as far apart from each other as you can get here.

No worries at all, I think it’s on-topic as it is about the same issue :slight_smile:
I would try again through either of the forms linked at the top of the forum or help chat, things such as PRP or roundabouts should be a no-brainer. It’s anecdotal evidence of course which doesn’t help you at all but I almost never have had trouble with these types of wayspots when providing evidence and patiently explaining all details.

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