What is the point of reporting when you guys don't even try to verify anything?

  • Wayspot Title: Es un lugar donde pasa mucha gente pasiando

  • Location (lat/lon):39.181778, -78.142025

  • City: Winchester

  • Country: USA

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email *

  • Additional Information (if any): I drive to the waypoint, I see it’s not there, I see that it’s a picture taken elsewhere and the waypoint was placed in their own yard, I report from the exact place and you guys summarily deny it without so much as looking.

  • The name is google spanish for “It is a place where many people pass by” for goodness sakes. Why are you wasting my time by making me come to the forums reporting blatant abuse just to ignore it like you have my other 4 posts on here? Who’s time are you saving?


@NianticLC I understand my tone is combative but is this being addressed? It’s not like I can take a picture of something that isn’t there, google maps for this location is already accurate.

for abuse like this you can just straight go to the abuse form or help chat and get an answer within 48 hours, no ingame reporting required. The forum staff is not to be expected to answer 1 day after posting here


This will be taken care of, but it can take a few days for the appeals team to review it. As previously mentioned, this would be considered abuse, and you can use the following link to report it:

I apologize but I didn’t really need to investigate deeply into which player created it. They could have quit playing by now, but was more frustrated by the system where the reviewed report denied something so clearly not there. This whole forum reporting is also very clunky, who is getting to these when and how would anyone see it 2 days later when it’s down burried in more recent posts.

I understand Niantic wants to save on labor but they are tripping over themselves by creating a system so heavily bent on wasting employee and player times. A civil war trail near me was completely revamped so I submitted new placards and reported ones that were removed, new ones were accepted, removed ones were denied for removal. It’s too much work to work against them. So I let them be. What do they want their system to look like.


Yes, it’s frustrating for removal requests that are valid to be rejected. I would say that most of mine, which can even be proven via satellite and/or Street View, are rejected. Therefore, because of this, I make sure to take a photo of the area after submitting a report, just in case I do have to file an appeal here in the forums.

I just this past week submitted 2 removal requests that I feel may get rejected. 1 is for a wind turbine that has been permanently removed and replaced with a bus garage, and was on school grounds, and 1 for a private residence that has a castle design. The owners have a construction business, and so they gave their home a unique castle look, and they still live there.

I do hope that Niantic takes all of our comments about the recent work by their staff being extremely subpar into account and make some changes. I doubt the admins and the rest of the team like hearing all of the complaints, either.

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Its like someone randomly clicks accept or reject without looking at the request.

Had a number of rejections where the latest street view clearly shows the wayspot subject is no longer present. The rejections make zero sense except for the fact Niantic is not doing this job correctly

Thanks for the appeal, @Moltensnowflake After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

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