How to create/nominate a new stop?

I cannot figure out how to add a new PokéStop. Can someone just post a reply with step-by-step instructions? I would really appreciate it.

Reach level 37 in Pokémon Go.

Go to the wayfarer website and login using the Google or Facebook login you use to access Pokémon Go.

You’ll get shown a bit of onboarding, make sure you look at it.

Then once you’ve done the onboarding, load up Pokémon Go.

Press the Pokéball button to open the menu, then go to the in game settings menu from here. Once in the in game settings menu, tap the uploads section and you’ll find the button to make a new submission. Then you can start making your nomination.


Be sure to read through the criteria a bit and maybe look into the clarifications section on here, many things aren’t obvious or logical so it might help to avoid some confusions. There are are people on here always happy to help with advice or guidance on aspects of Wayfarer that aren’t immediately clear to new participants.

If you dont understand S2 cells, do not count on your thing sbowing up in PGO even if it is approved.

This article offers good advice Top Mistakes Made When Nominating, and How to Avoid Them - #2 by shritwod

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