Replacing upgrades

Now that upgrades are a lame duck that nobody wants is it time to introduce a new reward for completing reviews?

I’m thinking a gambling aspect would add a bit of excitement to a system that stinks :skunk:

How would you feel if when you submit something you can also use a gamble?

A winning gamble would allow you to have another submission already in voting/queue automatically accepted.

A losing gamble would let Emily remove one of your already accepted nominations.


How about a nice game of chess?

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Not to play doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Maybe roll some dice?

7 or higher is a winning gamble.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 4, 6


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Did you win?

Not in the long run.

While I agree that upgrades need to be re-worked or replaced, let’s not even joke about something that would do so much damage to our precious lightship map!

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why don’t people want upgrades anymore?

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If they aren’t living in a Dead Zone, between Emily, Niantic staff, and the community, their nominations are breezing through in about 48 hours without an Upgrade.

With so much of the world at such a pace, why can’t Niantic eliminate the prejudicial treatment?

They’ve known about Boston and other areas being broken for years apparently. My nominations in voting from January, 2023 would like a word with the pace-of-resolution.

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I’ve gone from a queue and voting time of 18ish months to 2-4 weeks.

75% of text and photo edits are resolved immediately.

I guess it’s a combination of Emily and the UK backlog being wiped by a challenge. I’m pretty sure there is not a massive increase in reviewers. 120ish reviews for an upgrade that may get rejected seems pointless to some of us now.

It doesn’t seem to me like it’s a bug that part of London, Boston, Charleston etc. are dead zones. If it was it would have to be a fundamental arithmetic or logical flaw that repeats.

The database folks would be able to identify a problem like that PDQ.

My guess is that way back in OPR days an analyst observed that the population centers (that had already started to fill in) kept getting more and more nominations, while rural areas stagnated.

Somebody deliberately chose a handful of metropolitan areas to deprecate ON PURPOSE. They didn’t target Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo (for instance) but they did a number on Boston, Raleigh/Durham, London, some part of Germany, etc.

Niantic needs to remove the Dead Zone restrictions now that Emily is on the job, and they need to clean up all the old nominations that were orphaned by them.


This area where 75% of my submissions are has gone from 18 months to 1 month to get through the system for me. I’m not sure about the rest of London though. I can absolutely say that happened after the UK challenge.

Whether it was actually connected I can’t say for sure although it would make sense.

6 year back log cleared and there’s obviously a lot less to nominate in general. For a lot of players they will have filled out their local areas so don’t really submit much. I can count on one hand the number of players in that area above that nominate and/or review as much as some of us.

Emily is keeping on top of it to stop the backlog potentially swelling again.

You need a challenge maybe? @smantz0rZ

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”

This is truly a wild conspiracy theory and is not true. Consider reading about Hilbert Curves perhaps.


excuse me but LA was most definitely a black hole.


I agree that there has been a ridiculous amount of easily-identifiable incompetence exhibited, and if we’re giving the benefit of the doubt that the black hole situation has been due to incompetence we can make some logical conclusions from that.

If their incompetence has been known for years and it’s been brought up repeatedly and ignored at a certain point it crosses the threshold into maliciousness. They’ve shown that they’re able to identify and address these issues elsewhere, but have kept Boston, L.A. and other places screwed.

We can over-simplify the problem and say they could put an engineer on the issue for 2 days to come up with a solution or identify further steps needed. What’s stopped that from happening? An incompetent CM not communicating to the team? Mismanagement?

The other month someone came up to me and said they stopped Wayfaring because of how B.S. the system was. I stopped in November after it was clear the feedback being solicited wasn’t being listened to, so I shrugged it off, but people who are super active have completely lost interest and enthusiasm because of the issue. Rather than addressing it, being transparent, or even attempting to communicate they ignore it. Our great Ambassadors have promised they’ve brought the issue up multiple times. There have been threads. There have been surveys. The problem is known. The incompetence has had such negative impacts and been ignored - it’s malicious now.


Woah there, @26thDoctor, some of us still NEED upgrades. I think I’m living near the center of a black hole. While the overall time has gotten better. I’m no where near 2-4 weeks. So I’d disagree with upgrades being “a lame duck”.

Now I will say, you are on to something with the reviewers needing a new source of incentives. I personally don’t like the idea of gambling away 100 upgrade points, but maybe an ingame reward? You specifiy your game of choice and you get a resonator, incubator, insert your game’s reward here.

What do you think about that?


I think y’all need a 50 state challenge.

I’d be happy for some in game rewards. Incubators wouldn’t incentivise me much but if it encourages others, great. I’d do 1,500 reviews for an in game Wayfarer t shirt, multiply that by 10 for a pose.

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