Wayfarer Rating

My rating was always at great and I had 1,150 agreements on my badge. However it recently dropped too fair and has been stuck for a while despite getting 100 more agreements. These haven’t counted to my badge in Pogo which i’m trying to complete, as you have to be good or great. Really frustrating as I was always great. Have they become more strict on the rating? how can i get it up because all my new agreements don’t seem to increase the rating.

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Hello, i have the same problem. My rating was always great, however in the last month it dropped to fair and it keeps dropping :grimacing:
I have no idea what is happening. Did my opinion suddenly became too different in comparison to other people opinions or what…

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Hi @Jmax361 and @TurboGrom
Have you both the feeling, that you received similar cases to review each time?
Perhaps more trailmarker reviews than regular? Or other things. It is only an example

I actually used to review a lot and that’s when my rating was great. But in the last few months i didn’t have a lot of time to review, and that’s when my rating dropped. This is partially the reason i’m confused since i didn’t rate a lot, i have no idea how my ratings dropped suddenly…

Ok. Than you probablly don’t get this announcement:

Our human reviews are now trickier.

Same. Rating did go way down after Emily stated to work, so guessing these things have something to do with each other. :thinking:
No more easy points I guess.

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Managed to finally get my rating up to good again. Took about 500 japan reviews (all of yesterday). Just happy I can work on my badge again in pokemon go. Review slowly and it’ll go back up

I still don’t understand why my rating dropped so much and i didn’t even vote in that period…