How to make friends and influence photos

Since there is a bug currently at 19,643,784th on the to do list causing the number of votes to not show or tally correctly on Wayspot• images would it be abuse to ask people to upvote newer photos?

Some of the really old pictures that Ingress players took from their cars are really awful and it would be nice to get rid of them.

If no would anyone like some gifts to upvote?

If yes would anyone like some gifts to upvote?

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What does voting on the photos actually do?

Generally speaking, “upvoting” in the game will change the “cover” photo of the in-game POI for whatever photo has the most :+1: applied. Unknown if it’s a bug, glitch, or other but there was a time when Ingress thumbs affected the total count for PoGO, too. A early Ingress Portal with a photo that had a dozen “likes” on it would priorize that photo in PoGO even if that photo had 0 likes compared to 5 on another photo. But only up to a certain date - newer ones seem to only be relevant for that game, so different games may have different cover photos.

It is usually observed that the Wayspot photo Lightship (what you’d see on an edit or the duplicate screen) is the current “top” photo in PoGO.


For me it lets me add/change things like these

I should add @SweetnSassy37 that pictures can be upvoted via gifts people send you. Whenever @PkmnTrainerJ sends me a gift I always click on it and choose the worst one I can see.


Hi @26thDoctor
Your question was if that is abuse. I don’t think that!
If you would show us your photos which you wanted to add and asked here (or by misusing the description edit) for nomination votings → yes. But an existing photo on a pokestop (Idk how that in ingress works) upvoting → no.
You could f.e. ask anyone on the street “Hey you! Yes you! …”

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I would absolutely be happy to help update some cover photos. I’m also trying to add updated photos to spots near me and it’s been only semi-successful, so I’m glad to help as I can. So many nighttime dashboard photos from 11 years ago…


Now that I know that I’ll have to find some awful ones.


The reason I ask is that I’m led to believe that pesky Go players have used the upvoting system to influence gym creation making adding better photos a bit pointless.

I’m not sure if it still works that way though.

If upvoting photos influenced what a Wayspot becomes, I don’t think the post office I live near would have become one when a new Wayspot for a local cafe/bakery was added to the same cell earlier this year.

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That’s still used by pesky Go Players but Go players also like gifts and personally I like my gifts to have pretty pictures on where possible

Also, there’s a belief that adding new images would influence gym creation, as more potential for upvotes if more images, so actually they can go hand in hand! Everyone wins.

*I have no idea if any of these things actually help with gyms, but it’s what I heard. And doesn’t harm anyone since regardless of if I want a gym, I’m not upvoting something dreadful :laughing:

So yes I’m happy to help!

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I know it used to influence gym creation so Go players were often happy to upvote any picture irrespective of its ‘quality’

I don’t really do raids and gyms though so I don’t know.


Would that be a yes asking people to upvote from a Wayfarer point of view is abuse?

If no do you want to upvote some images for me :upside_down_face:



Competitive challenge raider says hi.
Most of my friends have done a LOT more than me.

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Hey I’d be down to help! I usually try to check other photos when a gift I get is pretty bad anyway :saluting_face:

Sent a fr via campfire- I’m assuming the tardis and same name is you?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Heres an example of why we need to check these things :sweat_smile: these are both the same bridge
Also wish we could vote for images to be removed


Downside of Emily instant-approving some images is that she doesn’t remove any :robot:


If anyone is bored and wants to help out :slight_smile:

You can of course vote for the image with cars and people :woozy_face::upside_down_face:


Cars and people make for the best wayfarering pictures though! Especially if theyre also dark and blurry.

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AI not removing images isn’t any different than other image reviews.

Really? I thought that selecting an image on an edit would remove it, but is that just a “no” vote instead?

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