How to see/ find the queue

I am very very new. I don’t understand how to see nominations that are available to be voted on and I don’t know how to see the queue. I have submitted three for nomination, but I don’t even know where to find those. Could someone please help me navigate this part of Pokémon GO?

If you chose this button at the top, it will take you to the wayfarer page where you can do all that.

Or try this:

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More information about how to access Wayfarer can be found here:

Your nominations for new Wayspots can be found in Contribution Management:

And here is more information about how to review nominations and edits:


Hello @Kkyderr
Welcome to Wayfarer :grinning:
If you follow the link suggested it brings you to the main wayfarer site. There are tabs down the left for you to see the different sections - contributions is where you will find the ones you have submitted. Its always worth checking them through carefully and editing an mistakes in the text.
Do check criteria section as this is something you need to be familiar with.
And the help section is useful.
Dont hesitate to come back here if there is anything you are unsure of - its not always obvious and we have all made mistakes in the past.

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Thank you!! I am not entirely sure how I missed the link initially