New to this

I’m new to this and am very confused I submitted a request for a pokestop and was directed here and I have no clue where to find the request I’ve submitted or how to get it approved. Can anyone help please!!

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There are 2 sites for wayfarer, there’s the forum, which is where you are now

and then theres your wayfarer account, which is

The wayfarer account will have your submission in it - including the status, and if it hasnt gone into voting yet you would be able to edit the title, description and support info to improve it

It gets accepted/rejected in 2 ways. Theres a machine learning algorithm which decides some submissions- often obvious things like a playground. Then there are reviewers who vote to accept or reject nominations- people like us. So that’s how it gets a decision in the end


Just checking if you submitted the nomination through either Ingress or Pokemon Go? There is something called the “Wayfarer app” that is not for explorer use and nominations made through that do not appear on your contributions page - and accepted ones don’t show Niantic games (with a few exceptions.)

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As for the “getting it approved” part, you don’t have to do anything on that end. If your nomination is still “in queue” you can still edit in anything you think reviewers need to know in order to be able to accept it. If you find the contribution and aren’t sure about it, you can put it on “hold” and ask for opinions in Nomination Support but if it is already “in voting” then you can no longer edit it.

If the nomination has been in the decision stage too long for your liking, you can do reviews to earn an upgrade. The upgrade is supposed to push the nomination to a wider review pool, and usually results in a faster decision.


Hello @KatieM2492
Please do ask questions.
We were all new to this at some point and made mistakes and asked questions so it’s our turn to return the favour :sunglasses:.


Thank you so much I can’t find my nomination for my stop I made it throught the pokemon go app but can’t find it on here and ideas at all.

As metioned above, you need to go to the following site Niantic Wayfarer and login using the same details you use for PoGo. Then navigate to the contributions page to see the nomination you had submitted.

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