How was this rejected?

How on earth was this rejected for “generic business” and “private property or farm”?
It is literally the start of a community/neighborhood. This whole system seems wrong and unfair.

While those rejection reasons may not be 100% accurate, i have a hard time seeing how this item meets any of the critieria.


I do not see any way that a neighborhood sign meets the criteria of a GREAT place to exercise, explore, or be social. An AMA told us to pick one of the first four reasons to reject a nomination that should not be on the map. I know some people use the Private Property rejection, especially if it is in someone’s yard. It is basically just a billboard advertising the real estate, so I think the Generic Business rejection is also appropriate.

Several of us have asked that a section on Neighborhood signs be added to the Criteria Clarification Collection . I know a lot of these slipped through voting and are live in games, so a lot of people are confused about their eligibility.


I looked this up and unless there are multiple signs it should have been rejected for safe access. It appears to be a median separating the entrance and exit to this community neighbourhood.

Oh there is a taco shop just behind this with a large picnic area. You should try that instead. Seems to have a permanent structure over the tables and looking through just google photos it has been there for quite some time.


Yeah that was auto rejected (the taco place)

There could actually have been more rejection reasons, but you asked about these two. The system can only display two reasons at a time. If you refresh the page, you may see other rejection reasons show up.

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Maybe post it in Nomination Support for some advice. Perhaps the wording needs to be slightly altered. Or you could nominate the “picnic area” as there is clearly outdoor seating there.

I think this discussion would be better in nomination support so I am moving it there so that @Regina102319 you can get some support to perhaps find other things.

The picnic area sounds as though it has potential.

I did not verify whether the photos used are Streetview screenshots but I’d recommend against using them, if ever is the case. Those are valid rejection reasons.

The shrub and the cable to the top right seems to align with what @TheOneXanthippe 's comment. Not to mention the shot is taken a few meters above normal eye level at the POV from the road.

Oh good point. I now noticed that the weeds are in the same spot. However, I double checked and streetview at this spot is from Mar 2024. So it is fairly accurate and unsure how often it’s tended.

I reject apartment signs and certain other similar housing related signs for generic business cause… they are actually. for an HOA neighborhood where most of the homes are owned by the residents it’s less accurate but honestly close enough.

they don’t meet any criteria so it’s either that or :-1: for permanent & distinct cause they’re all more or less the same and not visually interesting in the slightest


That would be awesome if they add something about neighborhood signs on there


I reject neighborhood signs too unless there is a nice fountain or some extraordinary about the sign. However , if there is something unique inside the neighborhood sign and a link is added in the supporting details - I’ll accept too :+1:t2:

I think the strange reasons for rejection comes from reviewers not answering the questions honestly. Hopefully this type of voting will be penalized. They have simply jumped to the conclusion that they don’t think it should be a Wayspot. I’ve seen a lot of similar signs accepted, I would probably give it thumbs up. It’s probably worth trying a couple of more times or making an appeal. :thinking:

Not all wayspots currently in the games you see meet criteria. There are some that don’t and unfortunately there is no report invalid wayspot for “doesn’t meet criteria”. Many were approved back before criteria was set or changed.
As well, just because you see something in the game doesn’t mean it necessarily qualifies. This can be seen with memorial benches or apartment/community housing signs.
The nomination sign the OP listed is in the middle of the road so would not be eligible due to unsafe access.
Not sure what you mean by penalizing voting. If I mark a community sign as “not distinct”, I am stating that it isn’t any different than other community signs. This can be the same for apartment buildings.
However, many of those communities and apartments have playgrounds, trails, gazebos, little free libraries, or fountains.

People are afraid of bad ranking, thats why so many things get denied, even if you meet the criteria, i added new waypoints from restaurant and coffeehouses, all get denied while stand ad criteria coffeehouses and restaurants, i have see many welcome signs as waypoints

This was rejected for being a ‘generic business’ and ‘a private residence or farm’ and to me this doesn’t look like any of those things. So obviously some reviewers voted to reject this, but they did so for the wrong reasons (unless it’s the result of a bug). The reviewers are supposed to answer each question on it’s own merits, if they fail to do so it would make sense if their rating were to drop. It also isn’t helpful if the explorer wants to nominate it again leaving them clueless as to why it was rejected.

I would also argue that the criteria themselves aren’t that clear even though they are plainly written. A large part of it is hidden in the mechanics and algorithms of Wayfarer. So if a lot of similar Wayspots are being accepted at the same time it would be safe to assume that they somehow meet the criteria.

This Wayspot wasn’t even rejected for not having pedestrian access. Whether it can be safely accessed by pedestrians would depend on the amount of traffic and the minutae of Texas traffic law. But from the picture you can actually see that somebody decided to use the short end of the sign as a noticeboard.

The amount of traffic and traffic laws don’t determine if something is safely accessible…in the lightship database. You couldn’t stand at this wayspot without blocking traffic. It isn’t even on a boulevard, which again would be considered unsafe pedestrian access.
Not sure how you believe it is being used as a notice board. My streetview screenshot shows some white on the left side, but that was from whatever is on the right side of the road behind this sign.
As I understand it, the rejection information only shows two reasons but if the OP refreshed the screen they may see other reasons as it can show up to 2 max. While it is not PRP or farm, it is likely some just don’t know the best way to reject it. That is why people use “generic business” (Niantic does too) or “not permanent or distinct”.

Of course traffic and traffic laws determine if something is safely accesible. There is a big difference between a road where you have an average of one car every hour versus one car every ten seconds. It matters if you are legally allowed to cross the road and what the speed limit is.

I believe it is being used as a noticeboard because of the picture you posted. There are other pictures of this sign online, on all of them you can see the residue of tape and staples. On one of them you can see a white piece of paper stuck to the left side of the sign, same as in your image. Presumably it was put there in the hope that somebody would drive or walk by and read it.

If the reviewer doesn’t know how to reject it, the solution to that is obviously not to give a false answer when filling out the form. In the end it is up to Niantic to decide if it is rejected or accepted based on their collected data. I don’t think reviewers will be helping them giving made up answers. :thinking:

Of course traffic and traffic laws determine if something is safely accesible.

not as far as wayfarer is concerned