I have a rejection but can't understand why?

Please provide:

  • A Dog walking/walking trail
    A popular public area for people in the local community to go walking with dogs or young children. (This is not private land)
    a very popular green area for the local community to go for walks surrounded by nature.

Rejection was just Wayfair criteria.

But I have literally seen stupid things made into pokestops someone’s garden is a church a few streets away.

of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected

  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
  • Copy and paste the title, description and supplemental so others can translate them
  • If you feel comfortable please share the location, as it is helpful (i.e. hidden duplicates), but you can mask it if you wish.

Hi! I know is frustrating to not get your nomination accepted. Seeing the photo, in my opinion, it just look like a natural path, not really meeting the socialize, exploration or exercise criteria. Maybe if you can find something tangible that marks that area it would make easier to approve that nomination. Also, just a recommendation, I wouldn’t add “(This is not a private land)” in a description. I expect any of these advices can help you a little bit ^^

Thanks I know I might sound a little salty but we have so few stops and gyms around us and 20 mins drive into the city and one playground has literally 15 stops and 2 gyms.

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Sadly not all the places can have a huge amount of wayspots around. Maybe you can ask for help sharing the name of your area, I’m sure some folks will want to help you to find some stuff to nominate!


Never orientate at existing Wayspots.
There were criteria changes in the past.
Explorers are not nominating wayspots that are legit, Wayfarers, the one who review them, and Niantic did not perfomed well in the past. Niantic with Foursquare and Courts of the world imports. Wayfarers used bot networks to review e.g in the Netherlands.

Your trail mentioned above is nothing without a marker saying there is this hiking, bike or other special trail there.

In my opinion the appeal is wasted.

One problem I see with this trail is there’s no way to correctly pin the location: if it’s an official trail, then a trailhead marker, trail name sign, or other tangible item to use as an accurate location marker might help.

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Find a sign or trail marker, if the marker doesn’t have a name on it then try to find some external reference.

I have the same question: here’s my nomination and it’s been rejected- I don’t get it. And there is no feed back as to why……

@village1234 Going by the image and Google Streetview of the address, which is unfortunately fairly outdated, I can think of a few reasons:

  • A temporary sign
  • On private residential land
  • No safe pedestrian access

I believe the ‘no consensus’ means that the reviewers chose many different rejection reasons so there wasn’t a single definite reason to feed back to you. Unfortunately not very helpful, the rejection reasons are often not insightful anyway.

This does look like a lovely garden but as @bloopbloopbloop suggests, it could be seen as private or temporary by some reviewers. You could add more to your supporting text to deflect these doubts, provide links to more information if you can find it, news articles, community group pages that mention this project, etc.

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Zoom in a bit on the sign for your main pic and hope Emily catches it instead of those pesky, pedantic reviewers?


In addition to things already replied… Remember that not all reviewers are local,. Many won’t know about the Alameda fire, or remember when it was. Saying the park was destroyed by fire could be confusing to reviewers.

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I love these areas. I’ve made my garden into a space for pollinators as much as I can and I absolutely adore spending time looking at wildflower areas and gardens planted to support insects. Definitely eligible under “explore” for me.

Agree with focussing on the sign more in the main picture and then showing a wider shot of thr gardens in supporting information.

Having said that I’ve not yet had a rewilding type sign accepted, although that was before the rework and before Emily.

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Is there a more identifiable trailhead? Many will harp on about signs without considering rural areas that don’t often have them. It doesn’t necessarily need one, but it does need to be a safe and identifiable point to place a pin, and everything else will need to be on point to stand any chance of approval. Personally, I’ve had better luck doing all of that right and then appealing :woman_shrugging:t2: