I nominated a Pokéstop and it was accepted as a Gym

It was very clear in-game that I was nominating a Pokéstop, but when it was accepted it showed up as a Gym.

I didn’t nominate a Gym, I nominated a Pokéstop. Why would it show up as a Gym instead? That’s not what I was nominating - the game was very clear about it - so why is it showing up wrong?

I just wanted a Pokéstop, not a Gym! Nobody is going to ever take this gym and now I can’t lure it! This is especially problematic because my Pokémon-specific description says “Lure it up!” but since it’s a Gym instead of the Pokéstop I was promised, that’s not actually possible!

Please make things right by allowing me to lure the gym or by changing it to the Pokéstop you promised me.

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You actually are nominating a Wayspot, which can be used in different Niantic games, not just PoGo. Each game decides how to use a Wayspot, and it seems in this case that PoGo decided to use your approved Wayspot as a gym and not a standard stop.

Unfortunately, we do not get to choose how our Wayspots are used by Niantic games, or if they are even used at all. I myself have submitted Wayspots that do not appear at all in PoGo, but it’s possible that they may appear in other games, like Ingress or Peridot.

Sorry if this is a disappointment to you, but there isn’t a way to change it.

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Please no one waste your time replying to this seriously, thanks :heart:


Well, I just did.

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Thanks for the post.
It is an interesting point you are raising, and being aware of your sense of fun I u derstand that this is not a serious rant. :sunglasses:
I take it the continued point is around the wording that the games have around submissions which is game immersive rather than the wayfarer game agnostic style.
Point made, and it has been raised numerous times that it creates problems. But I don’t have a magic wand to fix it ……unless someone can provide one.


As long as they fix it so I can lure it I’ll be happy!

Seriously, why did you even post in the first place if you know the answer?

That would not be a wayfarer issue :thinking:


Why not?

I’m torn between pretending I don’t know what wayfarer is and admitting that all I really want to say is “It’s NianticWayfarer, not ElijustryingWayfarer!”.

Because it doesn’t matter to them if fellow community members waste time typing responses up in earnest as long as they can expose some inconsistency. Niantic is now very, very trolled. And exposed. Don’t you see.

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You’re spamming the forums, that’s why.


We are closing this topic. Niantic is aware of the problem underlying the conversation here. OP knows they are aware of it.